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Monday, November 3rd, 2008

My friend Amber did an interesting post over at her blog today

It’s titled10 reasons why I voted for Barack Obama.

I am a registered republican, but I’m finding it to be too conservative.

Amber wrote:

#2-  Religion. The stranglehold that the Christian Conservative vote has on the Republican party is frightening to me.  You know- those same people who wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon and not a Christian?  The ones who preach against my religion during their religious services and make movies detailing why we are horrible people who belong to a cult? Those people.  I think that in a country as diverse as ours we can’t cater everything to the furthest right.  I want the freedom to practice my religion as I see fit- and allow others that same privilege (or the privilege not to practice religion as well).  Others that are Muslim, Jewish, Evangelicals, Christians, Catholics, Hindu, Buddhist, Wickens, atheists, agnostics etc. Separation of church and state is an important issue and my fear of not being able to practice my religion comes from people who don’t believe that I’m a Christian because I don’t believe like them more then people who don’t believe in Jesus Christ at all.

I hadn’t thought of the religious point of view, but what she said really resonated with me.

I also agreed with a lot of what she said in her post.


Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Jon is registered as an Independent for his political party.

You wouldn’t know he was an Independent with all the attention he’s been getting.

I’ve had four to six  people from the Democratic party come by, all claiming he was a registered Democrat, and two of them were in the same day.

I’ve taken their info and politely said good-bye.

We’ve ignored phone calls from the National Democratic Party but, I was not fortunate enough to ignore a phone call from the Republican party.

I had been sleeping and I very groggily answered the telephone yesterday afternoon. They asked for Jonathan and I said he was not home.

The nice woman than went on to say she was calling from the Republican Party and was just wanting to remind Jonathan to vote and especially vote for McCain.

I mumbled something along the lines that he would be voting but not for McCain and then I told Lilah to be quiet since I was on the phone and she had began talking to me.

The woman said something and then hung up.

I admit I don’t like to tell the Democrats that Jon is planning on voting for Obama, but I get some sort of glee by telling the Republicans he’s not voting for McCain.

I am not endorsing Obama, I just thought this was amusing since I had just made the Palin post, but Jon plans on voting for Obama.

I’m a registered Republican.

SNL, CNN, and Palin

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I’m trying to stay politically neutral on my site, but when Jon showed me this I just had to laugh.

Palin scares me.  It scares me that she may run for president in 2012. It scares me that people like her because “she’s just like me.” Really I don’t want ‘someone just like me’ as president. I haven’t the foggiest clue how to be president and I don’t think she does either.  I don’t think the next four years will change my opinion. She’s so far to the right that I want to run left.

That said I am not endorsing Obama on my site, I’m just not endorsing Palin as president.

Just now

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Just now I was watching a show on PBS about the Colorado River and the seven different states that use it’s water and how we’re having a drought and will eventually lose our natural water resources if we’re not careful.  I had no idea so many states took from the Colorado river. Arizona takes the largest amount and nearly the whole state uses water from the CR.

It almost makes me want to move to where we have more sustainable water resources, IE anywhere by the Southwest, but then Jon reminded me that where water is, so are natural disasters.

I might stay here a wee bit longer, especially since we won’t have money to move for a long time.

It did seem like Nevada is one of the more active states when it comes to telling it’s residents to conserve more water.

Lilah is very aware of water conservation and she often will say, “Once the lake runs out we’ll all have to move since there will be no more water. ”

She’s right and I hope those of us who live in the Southwest are very aware of our water situation and those who live where it is plentiful appreciate it, because one day we might evacuate to where you are, though I hope the Colorado River never runs dry because of it’s impact on the environment, not only because of the impact on my home town.

Curb Appeal

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Yesterday we added some curb appeal to our house. Well, I don’t know if it will make it any more appealing since my car parks right in front of it, but we hope to make it look a little nicer by our front door.

We had this lovely dirt spot.


Isn’t it beautiful.

The cats also loved to poop in it and not only in it but right by the front door, which was always such a nice welcome gift for our few guests that came by. (I admit we weren’t on top of cleaning the cat poop out either.)
So last night we planted some stuff in it to make it more appealing.


We hope they grow and cover the dirt. One is an ivy one is a jasmine (I think.) both are for ground coverings, two are dwarf orange trees and one is a bush that is only suppose to grow 1 foot high and two feet wide. (We wanted things that would cover the ground but not grow high so an intruder couldn’t hide behind them since we have a window right there. ) It was pretty rocky in the dirt, so we’ll have to see how they grow.

It started out as a family project, but after the first bush I was needing to watch the neighbor girls that were playing in our backyard, so Jon did most of the work.


OK, this photo didn’t need to be posted because I have the next one, but I looked skinnier in this one…


…and in this one I look like I’m working hard, though I’m sure I’m not using that shovel correctly, and I probably shouldn’t be wearing sandals.



Lilah putting the special dirt in.


Lilah mixing the dirt and water.


Our first bush is planted. Notice the neighbor girls. After this they we’re playing and Jon was left to plant alone.


Hard working husband.

He’s a great Daddy and husband.

Have a baby or else!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I get an e-mail from Merdian every day. They have links on the side to real news articles that are sometimes interesting. I’m not a big news reader. I should be able to find the time and become interested in it, but I’m not. There was one article that caught my eye though.
Washington Same-Sex Marriage Proponents: Require Heterosexual Couples to Have Kids or Face Annulment

I thought how ridiculous. You don’t have to read it to understand how degrading this is to couples. All couples. So if you’re gay and you don’t adopt within three years your “marriage” should be annulled also? What about those couples who cannot have a baby easily but would rather try for years with invetro (sp?) than adopt? What about those who can’t afford to adopt or do invetro? You’re infertile and can’t have a child so lets stick it to you more and annull your marriage. You just don’t want children so you’re marriage doesn’t count. Maybe you’re 55 when you marry but you’d better get on the baby train. It’s ridiculous.

Now this is not up for voting yet, they’re still in the process of getting it on the ballot. Maybe they’re trying to show that you don’t have to have kids to be a devoted couple, but really I think they’re going about it wrong.
Anyways there’s my light on news. People are idiots.

Traits of Pedophiles

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Last night I was watching Desperate Housewives. I’m not really sure why I started watching this show, but I find it a little interesting and frustrating. Frustrating because it is so not real, but it’s really not suppose to be. Interesting because of the crazy story lines. Anyways at the end of last night’s episode. The blonde mom of three boys goes to drop off a cake to the neighbor who saved her life. One of her boys came with her because he’s too afraid to leave her side. Well the boy starts playing with this toy train in the house and it leads to a basement full of toys and a pinball machine, things like that. When I saw this I said to Jon he was a child predator. Then the mom finds a corner of pictures of topless boys. One thing wrong was the boys were of very different ages. I’m pretty sure I saw teenagers and then young boys of the age of ten or so, this is inaccurate of child predators. They usually have a specific age range of a certain sex that they like, though they may cross over to the other sex and they may molest someone of a different age if the opportunity arises, but most child pedophiles have an ideal victim type (IVT) and they do not vary much from this. Anyways, a while ago Amber asked for any pointers, since she is a mother of all girls, when I mention that I was learning a few tips about child predators in my CRJ class of sex crimes. So here are some things to watch for, many of them I think are already common knowledge, but some of them might give you insight.

First I want to separate pedophile from child molester. A pedophile is someone attracted to children. I would compare them to a homosexual. This is their attraction, but just because they are attracted to children does not mean they molest children. A child molester is a person who sexually abuses a child, but they may not be sexually attracted to children, it may be out of opportunity or vengeance. I say this because I feel that pedophiles are mentally imbalanced and it’s just who they are. I don’t agree with homosexuality or pedophilia, but this is more the way a person’s thinks, rather then how they act. I do feel for them because they honestly are attracted to children, but that does not mean I agree or condone their behavior. So a pedophile does not mean they molest children and a molester does not have to be a pedophile.

That said here are traits of child pedophiles that abuse children. Their are two kinds of child pedophiles, those who seduce the child and those who are predators. The predators are strangers who take and abuse random children. For these there’s not much to do except warn your children about strangers and to let them know to make as big of a scene and run away if possible if someone tries to abduct them. These are the less common of child pedophiles.
Seducers seduce your children. They are most often married men, though not always, and can be of any age or intelligence, and are often very intelligent. They often try to work with children in the age range of their IVT. They can be doctors, lawyers, teachers, coaches, or neighbors. This of course does not mean any man in these jobs are child predators, but don’t think child predators fit any particular stereotype of being dumb or a social misfit.
Often they will prey on children who are longing for attention, these are the most susceptible children, but it really doesn’t matter.
One thing abuser do is groom a child. They give gifts, or money, and befriend the child. If your child has new toys that you didn’t buy, find out who did. If it’s from one particular person and there is no apparent reason, like teachers often give small rewards, but if it’s expensive be suspicious. If the child won’t tell you who the gift is from because it’s a secret they are probably being groomed and possibly have already been molested.
Secretiveness is the next thing. The abuser will tell the child not to tell anyone of the abuse and to keep it a secret. “It’s our secret game.” Try to communicate with your child that anyone who tell them to keep secrets is not a friend and is someone they should beware of. Remember that the abuse is often enjoyable for the child. They are sexual beings and the pedophile is attracted to this.

Sometimes the pedophile will use negative inducers. Inducers are basically anything to keep the child from telling about the abuse, toys, or possibly threats. Threats are usually not used unless the predator or child is trying to break off the relationship, though they might be used if the child does not want to be abused. Earlier I said a child predator usually likes children of a certain age range. Once they get too old the abuser will break it off. Sometimes the child does not like this because they are used to getting gifts and often the abuse is enjoyable to the child. So the predator will use threats, such as killing a family pet or even member to keep the child quiet.
We haven’t talked too much about traits that children have if they are being abused, because the class isn’t about that, though I think I’ll try to find a good book which covers that.

So Here’s a list:

Traits child predators have:
1. Around and like children in which they show a higher than normal interest in children. If they’d rather play with your children every time they’re around them and have a tendency to have physical play, they might be a a pedophile or a child molester.
2. They give gifts and money to groom and induce the child into the abuse.
3. They are intelligent, they can be in any occupation but can also be found in occupations with children. They are often photographers or have this hobby.
(My professor told a story of a former cop attending his granddaughters soccer game. The girls wore little skirts with shorts or bloomers underneath. He noticed a gentlemen that seemed to be taking pictures when the girls fell and the skirts came up. He started a conversation with the man and at one point the man said how cute it was when the girls fall and their skirts come up. The photographer had no children there. This is a trait of a child predator, or pedophile because he was taking obscene photos of the girls. Focusing on the genitals or chest area of a child, even clothed, is considered obscene. If you have children in a sport where their are spectators, watch the crowd for someone who is not a parent with no legit reason of being there taking pictures. In this case since the grandfather was a cop he got the license plate and they were able to get warrant and prove that he was collecting children pornography and was taking obscene photos of children.)
4. They are often male and married. (We haven’t gotten or covered much about women who abuse.)
5. Predators often have other paraphilias. They might test the water by exposing themselves to a child (exhibitionism) or making obscene jesters or phone calls to the child (scatophilia).
6. Collect child and adult erotica, or pornography.
7. Talk to a child like they would a lover or spouse.
8. Have an ideal age for their victims.

Of course their are so many other kinds of child abuse, interfamlia, sexually indiscriminate, or those who have sex with children just because they are sexually experimental, and others. I might cover interfamlia on another day, because that is really the only other one that you would see specific traits. The other abuse of children are mostly because of opportunity.

Truly you can’t protect your children from each kind of predator but beware of men who are overly friendly or helpful. Often the abuser becomes friends with the parents, in which the child knows the abuser and when the abuser has a moment alone with the child, they abuse them. Single moms are especially prey to this.
Like I said most traits and things are common sense and of course not everyone who has one or two traits will abuse your child. It’s a combination and accumulation of many. I would most be aware of gifts, secrets, and if any adult who only wants the company of your child, an not other adults. Child abusers do enjoy the company of other child abusers though. Some of the other traits you may not be able to observe, unless you accidentally find child porn in their house or car and that is an obvious sign. You can also do background checks, if they’ve been sighted doing exhibitionism to children I would beware, or even if they have tremendously bad credit. This could be a sign of giving gifts to children because they often have multiple victims at once and that can get costly.
We have rules of no male babysitters. One to protect our girls, another is we don’t want to pick and chose. There might be one teenage boy, or adult male, we fell comfortable with and another whom we don’t. I don’t want to pick and chose. We do let grandpa babysit but that’s the only male. We allow married couples, and even with that I’m careful to have those I trust. I chose couples that I believe wouldn’t leave the husband alone with my children, or have him do the inappropriate things of taking care of the girls. Such as Lilah needs help wiping her bottom when she poops. If a man wanted to help, I would beware and never let him watch my children. I don’t mind a man changing Eden’s diaper, but as she gets older I am weary of who does it.
It’s hard because I don’t want to suspect everyone, but at the same time I need to suspect everyone. Lilah isn’t in any sports or dance classes so I don’t worry about that yet. I know there are many male gymnastics teachers, in which I would not let her take one with a male teacher because of the close body contact that they sometimes have with training. Soccer I might do, but even that I’m not sure if I would leave her alone at practice. It’s a hard world and to tell you the truth I think their are even more crazies out there. I hate thinking everyone is guilty, but if you find offense to my over protectiveness, then I don’t think you understand how dangerous the world really is.


Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

I took Lilah with me to vote yesterday in the election. Jon voted early in the morning so I went once he was home. Our area is pretty small and full of immigrants, in which I’m sure many of them are illegal, so they don’t have the right to vote. I had to wait about ten minutes and then I was up. Lilah was playing around and under the machine. One of the volunteers was afraid it would collapse on her so she pointed it out and I got her out from underneath, but she continued to play on it or by it in some way. The woman came over three times, the third offering animal crackers that could be given on the other side of the room. I declined and put Lilah against the wall behind me. She then just played on the wall and stayed out of trouble. I was emerged in voting, reading my practice ballot and checking the screen. I did over hear them talking about a couple of things. One was they didn’t want anything to happen to Lilah because she was so cute, and they also didn’t want to get sued if the machine fell on her. Another was an experience one of the volunteers had had on another day. It was about a mother and her son. The boy was pointing rubber bands or was using something to fling things at people. Someone, if not the volunteer, had pointed the boys actions to the mother, but the mother disregarded it and was upset that others wanted her to discipline her child because of his behavior. The volunteer then told the women she would sue if her son hit her with the object, because of her disrepect for others. It was just interesting.
Yesterday I also took the time and researched each candidate and voted on all but one. The one I didn’t vote on dealt with the school board trustee. Neither were good candidates and I’m planning on home schooling anyways. I was disappointed in about half of the outcomes for the amendments that were proposed. Two dealt with second hand smoke. One was more lenient and to me pretty much kept things the way they are, the other took smoking out of any establishment that serves food. I found it to be too extreme. I guess I do enjoy completely smoke free restaurants, but it took it our of bars also, in which children shouldn’t be there anyways, so who cares if there is smoke, and those parents who take there kids to bars with them probably smoke, or are irresponsible in some way so it doesn’t matter. Like I said, I found it to bee a little too extreme. Smoking is not illegal and in essence your telling people that they don’t have a right to smoke. Now I do hate second hand smoke. You have students right outside the doors to buildings because they can’t smoke inside and everyone has to walk through their smoke to get to the building. I think that’s all that’s going to happen. People won’t be smoking inside, so they’ll be right outside the door and we’ll all have to walk through it. I suppose that’s better than sitting in it even when you’re in the nonsmoking area of a restaurant. I suppose Jon’s idea of a small and limited government is rubbing off on me. We have so many laws or amendments or rules that we can’t govern ourselves, or are even given the opportunity. I hate that parents can get fined or imprisoned for their child not going to school, but we’re in a country that has people wanting to give that same child the right to have an abortion without telling their parent. Things are just backwards. Anyways. I voted I put in my two cents and in some I was the minority voice, but at least I voted.