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September Highlights

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

I was terrible at making notes for the month of September. :-/


Wicked! I was probably the most excited to go to Wicked, but it was so. much. fun.


Winning the Wicked Ticket Lottery! We were able to purchase two front row seats at a very low price.

“This potato is hot, like thermal hot.”

You are the messiest eater. It’s not that you get it on your face, though you do, but you get it all over the place, and around your plate, and on the floor.

Wanting to be a ring wraith then Sauron for Halloween. I still have no idea how this is going to work.

“This cello thing just happened so fast.” Commenting on how we had you choose an instrument to play, and then began lessons only a month or so later. Apparently you expected a couple more months or years, to really decide. (You are playing really well, and have taken to it nicely, even if our practices are sometimes difficult.)

Glitch. Oh my. You are addicted. You planned a huge party for the night I would be at Wicked with your grandma and aunts. You all three got to play and have a party in this imaginary world.


Glinda totally waved to you at bows for Wicked. Being a cute little girl in the front row, you get noticed, too bad you didn’t see.

Lilah: “Eden are you practicing your recorder?”
Eden then blows a note from her recorder.

Me dictating your spelling word: “Forty. Someday you will be forty years old. Forty. ”
Eden: “You’ll be forty years old in eleven years. ”

Deciding between being Dorothy or a ladybug for Halloween. I think you really just want the red sparkley shoes, but even when I offered to let you wear them for the ladybug costume, you decided on Dorothy.

Having speech for Eden twice a week and cello for Lilah has really improved our school schedule. We are doing a lot, but in a very workable way. Go us!


Wanting to update your look. Looking on-line for styles you like.

Passing a kidney stone and barely blinking an eye. You apparently have it very easy.

March Highlights

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Catching five ladybugs at the park and making a habitat for them at home. Wanting to catch lots more, but me letting you know that some need to live in the wild and eat the aphids.

Loving ice skating so much. Being happy you persuaded me to skate.

Catching onto skating pretty quickly. You stayed near the wall, but were able to skate on your own, with the help of the wall. Wanting you birthday party to be at the ice skating rink.

Saying how wonderful March began.

Eating a cricket in your lego class. Ick.

Guac-la-mole instead guacamole.

One word: ATTITUDE. This has been a trying month for both you and us. We’re sure it’s you trying to become more independent, but for us it’s you giving us attitude.

Telling me how cleaning out the toy shelf and folding clothes are your two least favorite things to do. Not sure if you just happen to say this, or if you somehow saw my Facebook status stating how the two things I dislike to do as a mother is have you fold cloths and clean your toy shelves.

Obsessing over bugs and bug habitats all month long. Wanting to catch and keep everything you catch.

Playing your April Fools joke on March 31st. (You rearranged food in our refrigerator.)

Not wanting me to leave you while you were learning to skate. (You had the skater helper, which basically acts like a walker, for ice skating.) Then I slowly had you try on your own and you started out pretty slow, but quickly got much better. By the end you were going pretty fast with the walker/ skater helper and did not want any help.

Not wanting to cuddle in the morning for longer than 2 minutes. You love to cuddle during the day, but I think I programmed you to not like morning cuddles in my bed because it’s how I would get you to go back to sleep when you younger.

Commenting that all your favorite toys were going missing and soon you would have nothing to play with. (Your toys shelf was still overflowing with toys.)

During your spelling test. Me:”Grind. I need to grind flour when we are done with school. Grind.” You: “Can we have pancakes for dinner!?”

Your fortune cookie: Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.

I asked if you’d like to see Shrek the Musical, or Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for your first Broadway play, since I’m taking Lilah to see Mary Poppins, and you said, “Why not Wicked?” I’m thinking my Wicked obsession might have affected you and Lilah, because she joined in that she’d like to see Wicked also. 🙂

Eating two crickets in the girl’s lego class. Double ick.

The conversation went something like this.
Me: Eden tickle your daddy.
Jon: Don’t tickle me I’m reading a book. Tickle Mommy.
Me: It’s not nice to tickle people.
Jon: Then why are you so mean to our children?

Grabbing my butt and then I asked you if you had greasy fingers. (We had just eaten grilled cheese for lunch.) You looked at your hand and said, “Well, not anymore.”

February highlights.

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Being so excited for Valentine’s Day.

Building a gigantic boat/fort in your bedroom out of sheets.

Waking up early and preparing Valentine’s. It was five days before that made it even better.

Letting another girl scout take a cookie order because she had more cookies to sell.

Picking out clams in garlic butter sauce for Valentine’s Day

Making a model clam habitat from the clam shells.

Cutting off over eleven, close to twelve, inches of hair! Combing your hair constantly for the first three or so days and commenting on how knot free it now was.

Reading the Reader’s Digest.

Asking if Daddy will get me three dozen roses for an anniversary in the future.

Not letting me convince you to stay little forever.

Sitting in a chair the entire brownie cookie booth.

Playing your recorder for Poppy. It would calm her down for a little bit and help her stop fussing.

Practicing your recorder randomly during the day.

Not wanting to deliver the last box of girl scout cookies we had left. You pouted for half an hour at park day, until I had you hand a pen for her to write a check.

Doing dishes the week I was busy delivering Girl Scout Cookies with the girls during the day, and being gone at dance lessons or girl scouts at night.

Kissing me and telling me I had a “Kiss me look.” I tried to recreate it very unsuccessfully.

Me: “We have two silly girls.”
Jon: ” No, you have two silly girls. I have three silly girls.”

Having two dozen lavender and purple roses delivered for our anniversary, and delicious hand-dipped caramels with sea salt. I loved having you home from work also.

Being very on the fence about buying you a new wedding ring. Then choosing your own ring once we knew your size and being so excited when it came in the mail.

Having me place the new wedding ring on your finger.

January Highlights

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012


Drawing abstract art.

Daddy finding you in Eden’s bed one morning. Then you two deciding to sleep together in Eden’s bed for another night. You say you want your own room when we buy a bigger house, but you’re not even using your own bed right now.

Arguing with me that you were not sick, even though you had a stuffy nose and terrible cough.

I told you we wanted a four bedroom house so we could have a study and a library, and a sewing and a guest room. You asked if we were all going to sleep in the same room? I was like no, you and Eden will have a room to share. You though we’d have a study/library, a sewing room, and a guest room, rather than a sewing/guest room. All these rooms, but we’d be sharing the master bedroom. 🙂

Eating your Chinese food with chopsticks, or I should say attempting to eat with chopsticks. Dad was kind enough to make them into trainer chopsticks and you had much better luck that way.

Waking up and playing ponies with Eden. Then waiting for as long as possible, till I gave the final warning, to come eat or wait till lunch. You told me you were waiting for as long as possible. (I don’t care when you skip lunch, but you need to eat breakfast at a decent time.)

Wanting to go to the jewelry store to play while my rings got checked. Me saying how it goes faster without you because I don’t have to wait for two playing girls. You telling me you only get to be a kid once so you might as well enjoy it and play for as long as possible.


Being extra brave and not moving when the dentist pulled two teeth, which also happened to be your first tooth/teeth that you’ve lost.

Having mountains of pillows and blankets at the head of your bed and putting you lost teeth under a small pillow from when you were little. It has your hand-prints at 23 months. Also telling me that the Tooth Fairy knows where to find the teeth, even if they were hidden under you mountain of pillows.

Daddy: We should have family game night more often.
Eden: Yeah, like Friday and Saturday.
Mommy and Daddy: I think once a week is good enough.
Eden: So maybe Wednesday and Friday?

Our internet going down and you saying, “Dun, dun, dun.”

While cuddling one morning I asked when you thought you’d be too big to cuddle or sit on my lap. “Probably when I’m nine,” was your reply.

Your eyes lighting up when I showed you I was buying you a new math workbook. Telling me you were going to do four pages the moment we got home.

Deciding out of the blue that you wanted to pet the lizard during critter time at the Natural History Museum. You asked if I had the camera to take a picture, I did not, but fortunately Monica took your picture for me. You have never wanted to pet the lizards or any other creature for the past year, or more.

“If anyone wants to use the honey, just know it is so sticky.”


Bringing home tons of videos, magazines and books from your parents because we have a, “Take whatever they offer policy,” in effort to help de-clutter their home. It kinda makes me think that we need a bigger home to put their library of things, that you want, but it also seems like we shouldn’t buy a bigger home just because they are giving us stuff. Sigh, it’s a vicious cycle. (The big problem is I want to keep the items we took, but don’t know where to put them.)

Suggesting family game night.

Being open and supportive to me wanting to buy a house, even with one of the reasons being that I feel inspired that we should buy a certain house. (It also had a lot of our major qualifications.)

Us having such different decorating tastes. What I think is not nice, you’re alright with.

I mentioned how having stairs in the house might help us loose weight and you remarked that you already go up and down five flight of stairs a couple times a day, sometimes even three times, because you don’t use the elevator to get to your office. So the stairs might help me loose weight.

Wanting to breed and eat your own rabbits. I really don’t want to do this but you seem to have our girls going. Eden wants a pet rabbit, so you might have a hard sell with actually eating the rabbits still. I’m very, very, very against this.

Losing weight and building muscle again. You’re so. dang. cute. (You were before too. I love you for more than just your body.)

Trying to convince me that getting big is not inevitable. My butt won’t balloon just because I turn 30.

Me: Thanks for dancing with me. Really, thanks for dancing with other women.
Jon: You mean older women. I’m not dancing with lots of young, available women.
Dance lessons have been mostly enjoyable for the both of us. It seems like if I’m getting a dance, you’re having a harder time, and if you’re getting the dance, I’m having a hard time. It’s still lots of fun.

Going to Brad Paisley when you were still trying to get better. Enjoying the Brad Paisley concert with me.

Wondering how long it was taking for me to do my curly hair. Telling me it was really cute. Nudging my shoulder during the beginning of “Waiting on a Woman,” when they sang about the woman getting ready. I think that’s why you nudged my shoulder anyways.

Carolyn highlight:
Carolyn called me to let me know a time to see a house.
Carolyn: Are you sick, or feeling not well?
Me: No I was just trying to take a nap when you called.
Carolyn: Man, I want to be a stay-at-home-mom and take naps.
Me: Yeah, I’m wanting to rest for our Salsa dance lessons tonight.
Carolyn: Well, isn’t your life so hard.
I told Jon the conversation and he said that my life seemed pretty good from that conversation. What can I say, being a SAHM has it’s perks and life is pretty good.

December Highlights

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Bugging me about the advent calendar so we could start it on December 1st.
Bugging me about our nativity and wanting to set it up.
Helping your daddy by picking off the green tomatoes from the plants he brought in before it got to freezing temperatures.
Cuddling in our bed on Christmas morning, for just a few minutes, then going out and unwrapping presents.

Telling me to stop using my British accent while I was doing things around the house.

Messing up when you were giving your part in the Primary Program. You made a funny face and noise, then continued to recite your part wonderfully.

Always putting your hood on your head to put a coat or jacket on. You do it mostly to annoy me, since I don’t like you to mess up your hair right after I do your hair, but also because it’s easier to put the jackets on.

Cuddling with me at Church on Christmas Sunday.

Daddy got after me for saying the web was down. “The internet is not down, our connection is not working.” You then said, “Yeah the spider web isn’t down.”


Holding your foot with your hand, by interlocking your toes with your hand, like how most people interlock their fingers.

Giving me the stink-eye while you were on the stand for the Primary Program, because I stuck my tongue out at you. You wouldn’t smile back, so I resorted to a more drastic measure. (You did give us a small smile right after you got on the stand and found your spot.)

Loving curly hair. You don’t care if you get a slightly less restful night.

Saying you were an expert about ice cream drumsticks, because you’ve had enough experience with them.

Saying “escape”, as in “es-scap-eh”, or how Dori first pronounces escape incorrectly in Finding Nemo. You say it instead of saying stop it. Lilah first gave me the reason that es-scap-eh was stop it in another language, then it was decided that it sounded somewhat like stop it when said fast.

Having the girls do your job of picking off the tomatoes. Yes they can do it, but you were suppose to. Saying they needed to start earning their way, or paying us back through work.

Me walking into our room and turning on the light, you startling me when you spoke and said you were trying to take a nap.

Being patient with my while I was in and out of sickness, for a week.

I gave you a hug in some silly manner.
Jon: You are a silly wife.
Me: I think I’m getting sillier as I get older.
Jon: Should be fun when the dementia sets in.
(Then Jon apologized because having dementia would be really sad.)

Riding Lilah’s scooter around the house when they weren’t home. Tsk. Tsk. It’s something I don’t allow Lilah to do.

Wanting me to include Lacey highlights so here are a few:
Having two white hand prints on my rear end, and they weren’t from you.

This conversation that you so kindly posted to Facebook:
Me: Hey, what’s the opposite of accelerando?
Lacey: Ritardo?
Google: Um, no. Ritardando.

I was speaking in a very silly and bad French accent after your Christmas present from France arrived. I could not help it, and it ruined the surprise. You decided that I just can’t keep surprises, I want to spill the beans. You might be correct on that.

October Highlights

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011


Being so excited for the triops. I had to ban you from mentioning them while you were still saving money in September. You were so excited to hatch them and take care of them.

Enjoying Roo’s N More Zoo. You held every animal and loved it.

Going down a hill in a wagon and missing a tree by only 4 inches or so. Apparently I screamed a little and your friends thought it hilarious. (I had just gone over and told you guys to move so none of the kids would hit the tree.)

Being so excited for Halloween and your costume.

Helping with Alex at the park. Helping Sam with Matilda. You’re going to be a great babysitter some day.

Playing Eden’s recorder. I’m wondering if you really wanted to take recorder this term.

Being excited to be a mummy for Halloween.

Learning how to pronounce whoppers correctly. You used to say woo-pers.

Waving and saying bye to some of the people who gave you candy on Halloween night.


Petting some of the animals at the zoo. You didn’t hold any but you still had fun.

Going down the hill in the wagon and tipping over. Just a minute before I had said that it would probably be my kid who tips over in the wagon, and it was. You were a little hurt and scared, but just fine overall.

Practicing your recorder. For some reason you love to practice when I want to take a nap.

Asking if I could make that broccoli casserole, just without the broccoli.

Eating a whole bowl of granola with yogurt and then telling me you didn’t like it.

Telling Lilah, “I just want to chill.” while in your bath relaxing.


Letting the girls play Mario Cart right after they wake up.

Watching the new 30 Rock with me on Netflix and always falling asleep.

Going to the store for applesauce and bananas when I was sick and coming home with a lot more. Milk, eggs, two kinds of apples, applesauce, mango applesauce (ick), cookies, and decorative gourds. (Lilah wanted the gourds and I had actually been telling her no.)

Decorating the table with the gourds and other things we had, like squash and pomegranates, and then Lilah came and put Halloween rings on it.

Watching birth and cesarean videos on youtube.

Adding more and more stuff to your fall centerpiece. I think it might take over the table.

You buying candy from companies who have signed a fair trade declaration. Then me not remembering what companies to buy and you declaring, “Little slave children helped make this candy.” I’m sorry you had to give it away because we had so many trick or treaters. (I was going to return the candy.)

September Highlights

Saturday, October 1st, 2011


You woke up at 7 am and heard me give Daddy a good morning kiss and said, “Wait!”, thinking it was a good-bye kiss. I told you it was still early and to go back to sleep. Then you slept till 9 and really did miss Daddy’s good-bye kiss.

Telling me about Eden taking too much cereal. When I didn’t care, and you thought it unfair, you decided nobody loved you. I’m not ready for a teenager yet.

Not wanting to dance at Zumba because your finger hurt, and the air moving around it made it worse.

Holding Eden’s hand to take her to the bathroom for me while at the store.

Obsessing over Mario Cart, again. Being so excited that you unlocked Mirror Cup.

Playing dress up with Eden and almost always being her servant, while she was the princess. You were the one making up the story too.

Wanting to decorate for Halloween, in September.


Teaching Daddy how to make a fort with our couch when it was turned sideways to replace the feet. He apparently didn’t know how, and you were the expert.

Hiding your cereal the morning Lilah had tattled on you taking too much. You apparently had not heard our conversation of me not caring,

Letting me borrow my pillow, that you have decided is yours, while my shoulder was hurting me.

You face when you saw your build-a-bear turned right side out after we had sewn him. You were so happy and excited.

You were writing in your creative writing journal you were asking for words like house, girl, then for the word unordinary., I thought you really meant something else, but that’s what you wanted. “The girl with the flying house was unordinary.”

You eat a lot of pecans, and in an effort to decrease your eating of them and help save us a little money, I asked you to eat only one handful a day. You had already enjoyed a handful one day, and I saw that you had a mouth full of some food. I asked what you were eating and you said walnuts.

Playing your recorder all evening long after you first day at co-op. You would have thought it was glued to your hand since you never put it down.


Making me laugh late at night. “Blowing kisses”

You were sweaty and I didn’t want to touch you , so you said it was your “natural defense.” Of course I was trying to tickle you at the time.

I asked you what we should have for dinner, you said you didn’t know. I said you weren’t any help, and you pointed out all you had done and were going to still do that day: dishes, laundry, taking the girls out. So I told you you were a big help, and you then helped me decide we should have pancakes for dinner.

August Highlights

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


Saying Eden’s Birthday Party was “The best day ever!” Telling me Eden’s cake was “The most beautiful cake ever.”

Calling out the slug bugs in Cars 2 to your daddy.

Deciding to stay and attend your friend’s birthday party, rather than go to Pine Valley. You also had a fun day hiking Ice Box Canyon with Daddy at Red rock.

Attending the County Commissioner meeting with us in an effort to save land across from Red Rock from being developed on.

Bing a good sport when I asked the dentist to pull your loose tooth, that did not want to come out, but was super decayed. It was really bloody and yucky.

Making up reasons why the tooth fairy missed you the first night, waiting for her during the day, even though I told you she never comes during the day.

Being so helpful when we were baking for the bake sale. Telling me cookies would probably be your first thing that you’d bake on your own.

You are our Chatty Cathy. I have to remind you to eat dinner, and talk less.

Using the word “mating” instead of sex while talking about mating, I mean sex.

At FHE I was giving the lesson on family size. I was talking about dating and you gave the comment, “You date, get married and then have sex.” (The mating conversation was the day before, I’m guessing that’s why you said sex. I would have loved it if you had answered using mate.)


Lilah and Daddy were debating about the statistic impossibility that all the M&M’s could be eaten before the nuts in our trail mix. Lilah was talking about the M&M’s shaking to the top and being eaten that way and you started giving input by saying, “My therapy is…”

Calling out the slug bugs in Cars 2 to your mommy.

Going to Pine Valley with me. Giving me cuddles in the morning when I didn’t want to get up just yet.

Always tickling my back and arms, since you know I like that. One day at church I was just leaning forward and you started tickling my back.

Carolyn was tipping you at your bake sale. She asked you if you wanted two quarters or one dollar, you replied one dollar. Then she asked if she should give Lilah two quarters or one dollar, and you said two quarters.

Getting better at Mario Cart, now you’re the obsessed child, though Lilah gladly plays too.

Beading. You were given beads and that’s all you did, so now you want to be an Indian for Halloween, since you have lots of anklets and bracelets.


Being so dedicated to your beard and telling me how many people like it.

Doing the dishes every night after dinner, as long as I have the dishwasher empty for you, or ready for dirty dishes.

July Highlights

Monday, August 1st, 2011

For half of July we were on a trip, so it was so hard to keep track of fun things that were said or done. I hope to keep better track during August.


Wanting emergency information in case we forget about you and get lost while we’re camping. “Maybe I’ll tell someone my address and they can take me home.”

Writing in your journal for our trip.

Working hard on your Junior Ranger badges at each park.

Walking around camp and getting dirty.

Finally getting to use your poncho on our last day at Glacier while we were at the Many Glacier area. For any little rain drop you had wanted to use it, but we always made you wait and it would stop raining. This time it not only rained, but it hailed while we were hiking back to the shelter of the lodge.

‘Well since they’re domesticated they live in stables and might need to be kept warm.” You said this while talking about ponchos for horses with your dad.


While visiting a cemetery in Monroe you said, “I bet some people in there were killed by wild animals.”

Drawing pictures of different lakes on our stop.

Saying, “That’s so beautiful,” to all the new sights we saw.

Working hard on your Junior Ranger badges at each park.

I put the cupcakes for your birthday on the counter, so the frosting wouldn’t be so hard from being in the fridge. While waiting for Lilah to finish her dinner I was checking e-mail, then I turn around to see you eating a cupcake before we had a chance to sing happy birthday to you! Daddy let you have two cupcakes, the one you had already started to eat and the one we had your candles in while we sang to you.


Changing your underwear while in my sleeping bag. Gross!

Working hard on your Junior Ranger badges at each park.

Growing a beard during our vacation, and now keeping it. I still get poked by your whiskers when we kiss.

June Highlights

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

June highlights are a little sparse. We were super busy and I was not able to keep very good notes.


“Where’s that damn c?” Then me having the “it’s not polite to use swear words” talk with you.

Making play cities for Sleepy to crawl around in. Not fun for this mama to see the chaos, but fun for you.

Turning eight! I can’t believe how old you are!

Helping to clean on Father’s Day, because it was the one day we were home. “Maybe we should make it a tradition to clean on Father’s and Mother’s Day every year!”

Playing with my zebra tail every.single.night, even though I told you not to.


A little boy from the play befriended you. He always seemed to want to sit by you and I even found you two playing in a little part of the hallway of the theater. You two were suppose to be in the green room.

After you had shots you told me you were able to limp better, since your leg hurt. (You had to limp on and look injured for one scene.) Too cute.

Falling off the 4 foot platform during the last scene of the play with only 2 performances left. You got back up and climbed up the stairs and waited till the scene was over. Everyone was so worried about you, and you were alright, for the most part, but did not like all the attention it got you.


Not wanting me to dye my hair since you love my natural hair color. Looking at me skeptically with my dark hair that had a slightly purple hue to it.

Being so patient while I did the play this year, and every year really. So happy your love language is not gifts, since I really dropped the ball this year on Father’s Day.

Bringing us all flowers on closing night, and then taking the girls home for me so I could go enjoy time with the cast after breakdown.

Trying to be so organized with your super busy wife. Hopefully I can get everything done that is necessary.