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Sunday comes before Monday

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

I really don’t know why I’m titling my blog that. I just did.

This weekend was fun, sorta. Mostly just busy. Jon went grocery shopping with Lilah and I cleaned up a little, but mostly took care of Eden. I’m grateful that Jon’s willing to take Lilah to the store with him. I also went to JoAnn’s to get a costume, or fabric for a costume, for Lilah. I’ve decided to make her a 50’s girls, one because she’s cute no matter what, two because it’s not too hard to make, and three my mom may end of sewing what little it has to be sewn anyways. She’s not making costumes for my two nieces this year, kinda long story, so if I need her to do mine she can. Plus, I think it might be fairly easy to make a skirt for Eden to. It’s a matter of cutting out a big circle and making sure the waist is big enough too. We’ll see what gets done anyways.

Saturday we also had the missionaries over for dinner. They were fun. One is from Kansas has only been out four months so he was funny, being a little green and all. I also had to prepare my lesson on Saturday. It went well today, but I only had twenty minutes to give it because we had soo many announcements in Relief Society, it was crazy.
Lilah was cute this evening. While I was preparing my lesson Jon was getting her ready for bed. At one point she was lying next to Eden and said “I love you Eden, I love you Eden.” Melt a mom’s heart, I only wish I had been there. She’s so gentle with Eden, but the flip side is she gets walked all over by more aggressive kids, which would be every child we encounter. There are positive and negative attributes to every child’s behavior.

Today Jonathan received the calling of being the second counselor in our ward’s Elder’s Quorum. I told him that’s why we left the other ward, to give us a break from presidency callings, but I suppose it was a small break, of nearly three months. Anyways, now our life of meetings begins again. At least Jon’s good about saying no if it’s taking up too much time.

So that’s my update. We’re a loving happy family and life is just busily going along.