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One week to go

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

Next week are finals. Hooray!! I have lots of studying I need to do, but I’ll be relieved once the semester is over. Then I can dedicate my time to sewing curtains, and not feeling guilty when I get on cleaning spurts, when I should be studying. Like last week I got some clothes together to take to D.I. (Deseret Industries), 13 shirts, 4 sweaters, 2 skirts and 8 pairs of pants. We have yet to take them there, but they’re together. It was nice to clean out a box of clothes in our closet. It’s just cloths that I don’t wear, but have in case I need them, but I don’t like them, so why keep them, especially when we have such limited space. We keep all the kids clothes because they were born the time of year. I just don’t know what we’ll do we we have a third, and if it’s a boy or born in a different season then the clothing we have.
Anyways, I look forward to the extra time I’ll have starting next Thursday, though then I will probably be doing lots of baking and some shopping for Christmas.

Lilah is so funny nowadays. She uses the word probably with everything. “Eden will probably get her clothes on.” “We’ll probably blow bubbles tomorrow.” Probably will have raisins for lunch.” She uses it correctly most of the time, except if you count when were are definitely going to do the action. She’s just cute. She also says “Nope, I don’t want to Mommy.” instead of just saying no. I figure at least she’s polite. She loves to play pretend too. She’ll “make” a cake and then sing happy birthday, one day we sang to the hamper and the ceiling fan, and then we blow out the candles and eat the cake. I love seeing her mind grow and experience new ideas, because that type of pretend is lost on children younger than two.

Here are some recent pictures of Eden. She’s our “I’ll chew on anything” baby. Everything goes to her mouth. Lilah wasn’t so much that way. She’s also holding onto her toes nowadays, if she had the strength to get them to her mouth, they’d be there I’m sure.