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Grocery store etiquette

Saturday, December 10th, 2005

I was at Food 4 Less today with Lilah. While I was bagging our groceries Lilah was contently sitting in the cart and singing her ABC’s. At one point she stopped and starting to watch this little girl who was eating a rice krispy treat. I just saw the girl from the corner of my eye. Then right before we left the mother of the girl gave Lilah a treat, she had opened it and just handed it to her. We live in a prominently Hispanic area, so I don’t know if the women could not speak English to ask me, or if just culture differences not knowing to ask me,or how. I guess it was more that she gave it to my daughter who is two. She was asking for everything at the store, including the clear box that has money in it for charity that’s at the check out stand, so to have her watch another child eat a treat was no surprise. I guess it was just bothersome. I thanked her as we left, but I’m unsure if she really heard since I was already on the go. Had she asked I would have said no thank you, but she unwrapped it and gave it to her. I don’t want to teach Lilah to accept things from strangers, even though I’m fairly sure it was safe (we shared it after lunch or was that wrong?). It’s tough trying to teach your children to not talk to strangers when all they want to do is talk to them and say how cute they are, to how to deal with strangers when as an adult you have better understanding of what to do, so you act a little differently then the straight no, yes, run and find someone you trust. Anyways what to do next time, though I hope this doesn’t happen too often, or really ever again.