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Finals are done!

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

So I finished my last final last night. I know I’m getting one A and one B+, then I’m pretty sure I’m getting two other B’s, but one of those might be a B+. the pluses do make a difference when you get enough of them. I’m just happy to be done. My poor girls were being neglected as I studied for a different final each day. Now I just have to prepare a Relief Society lesson for Sunday! I also have a goal of finishing the girls room curtains, and getting at least one set for either the living or dining room done by New Years. Though I don’t know if I should write that down, because Jon will probably hold me to it. He said last night about doing it in small amounts of time when you have the time, but I mentioned that it’s difficult to do it in small amounts of time when you have to set up the iron and ironing board,and then the sewing machine, which that take 15 minutes right there. So I like to do the sewing at night after the girls are in bed. Luckily it’s rerun time for many shows, so I won’t be soo tempted to watch them instead of sew. That’s my goal now. I’m going to be a sewing maniac until school starts the 17th of January.

Yesterday was fun. Eden was a fountain. She was spitting up a lot of milk after every feeding it seemed. Plus it was just long enough after her feeding that you get the nice spit-up sent. Not like immediately after I fed her to where it would have smelled like just breast milk. At one put she was in the swing and just spit-up onto the floor, then she gave be the biggest grin as I was cleaning it up.

Today Lilah and I were playing on the bed. She likes to cover our (our being either Jon or me) heads with the pillows. I try to have some sort of air hole, I can’t stand being under covers or under things for to long. Well at one point I started to dose off. I woke up a little dazed form lack of fresh oxygen, and with Lilah playing with my lotion. I then cleaned her up, it was just on her hands and arms, then I went to get Eden and change her out of her PJ’s. I came back and Lilah had then gotten the glass of water on my night stand and was putting her hand in it and pulling it out. Making it rain on my bed. So now I have wet sheets. I think I was a little too forceful and stern with her because she started to cry when I was disciplining her and telling her not to play with water on Mommy’s bed. I try to be forceful but not scary. I don’t think scare tactics are a good way to discipline, though I’m tempted and sometimes do use them when I’m upset. It doesn’t feel good to have your child cry because you scared them. It’s okay if they’re upset because you’re keeping them from doing something fun, but totally against the rules, but not because as a parent you’ve been to scary or forceful.
Now to go entertain a bored little girl.