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Is it Christmas already?

Friday, December 23rd, 2005

Well I can’t believe it’s Friday. It seems like yesterday was Wednesday, where did Thursday go?
Wednesday Lilah had a fever and was grumpy. We slept in until 9:40 that morning and then she hardly took a nap, but was okay most of the day. We also had the elders over on Wednesday night. Lilah sang “Choose the Right” for them. I was surprised that she did because she hasn’t sung for anyone lately except at home.
Thursday Lilah was doing much better. We had a fun day and that night I made peanut butter cookies. Jon took some to work today and the women a the office enjoyed them. He also had a half day of work, which allowed us to finish our Christmas shopping, get our car smog tested and pick up our new mailbox keys. Some vandal put wood in the lock and we weren’t able to unlock our mailbox due to the blockage. That was two weeks ago, so it was nice to get our mail, especially considering that the rest of our gifts were in it, and to get the bills that we need to pay. Not that I like bills, but I like to be able to pay them on time.

I also visited with my cousins Amanda and Kristen and my Aunt Robin and Uncle Mike who came down from Utah this morning. They were down for the BYU and whoever they played in the mountain West Championship. At least I think that is what the game was about. Anyways it was fun to see Amanda because I haven’t seen her probably since I was married, or the Thanksgiving after that, which places it at at least three years. She’s been and a mission and we’ve been here in Vegas and haven’t gone up and we have kids….anyways I guess life happens and it’s hard to see family sometimes.

It was a good day and now I just need to get started on wrapping the gifts and finishing my talk. Thank goodness we still have one more day until Christmas.