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Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

It seems that as I get older Christmas comes and goes a lot sooner then when I was younger. It just flew by this year, and it almost seems it didn’t happen.

Saturday we visited my parents and held the Harvey tradition of reading Luke chapter 2 and opening one gift, Nowadays it’s always pajamas to wear that night and on Christmas day, except with it being Sunday we had to wear our Sabbath clothes. Then we came home and read from the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi, where the signs were given for Christ’s birth and put the girls to bed.

Sunday Jon made pancakes and we waited for the girls to wake up. Lilah awoke around 8:00 and Eden was about 8:30. I led Lilah to the living room to show her her gifts and her stocking. Then she wanted to open every one’s gifts, but we waited until after breakfast and feeding Eden. She had such a blast and was very good at handing us our gifts, even if she did take the bow off in the process. Then Eden loved opening the gifts, or at least holding on to the wrapping paper, trying to get it into her mouth, while I turned the gift so the paper came off. She got a hold of a few bows and would just eat them, by the third time I let her. Then we got ready for church. I spoke in sacrament, so we invited his parents.They came and had fun spending time with the girls, and then we fed them lunch. Dara and Jason, Jon’s two younger siblings who have down syndrome came also. They spend every Sunday with Mom and Dad, and during the week live in two adult living assisted homes with other handicapped adults. Mom has the hardest time getting them to stay for anything longer than lunch on Sundays unless we’re coming over, then they stay to see us.
We tried to get some sleep in between their visit and before we went to my parents house for dinner.
It was delicious and we got to take home some ham and sweet potatoes.
Monday we stayed home and that evening we went to Jon’s sister Ann’s house for dinner. We were able to see family and his niece Shauntae and her family. They live in Northern Utah so we don’t see them much, so it was great to sit and talk with her. She’s the closet to my age, since she’s just three or four years younger then Jon, of the married family, so we’re both in the young mother stage, though she has three boys and I have two girls, so she has it a lot rougher.

Today I should be sewing or cleaning. Both girls are down right now, so I think I’ll tidy up my bedroom. I need to cut out the lining for the girls drapes, so I want to vacuum and clean in there. We have things that need to be taken to DI, so I should get that out to the car so I can drop it off tomorrow.
Tomorrow I’ll be getting blood drawn for some thyroid tests. My OB thinks I might have a reverse thyroid problem or hyperthyroidism, where a person loses weight due to an overactive thyroid rather than gain weight due to an under active thyroid. In which it could also reverse and then become hypothyroidism, and I would gain weight. We just want to figure out why I’m having a slow weight loss, it was drastic after I had the baby, but now just slow. I weighed in at 122. 5 lbs yesterday. I was happy but sad, because I figure their is something wrong if I’m nearing 120 lbs and I’m not trying to lose weight and before I was pregnant I weighed around 135-138 lbs.