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laundry basket

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

I love house hold items. Children seem to have the most fun with the simplest things. Lilah loved the laundry basket when she was little so I’ve put it over Eden a few times. If Lilah is around she likes to be under it to, so I just let her have fun.
Here’s a picture of her asking Eden to come under the laundry basket.
Here’s Eden’s reponse to seeing the camera.

Here’s Lilah’s response to seeing the camera.

Mrs. HandyWOman

Saturday, April 1st, 2006

We went shopping for our veggies last night at Lowe’s and we also picked up a new door nob for the guest bathroom. (So Lilah can open the door on her own, from us closing it to keep Eden out.) I was excited so I decided I would put this door nob on. Jon had changed the other three, so I wanted to do this one. Here is a documentary of part of my experience. 🙂

I did most of it by myself. There were some screws that were to hard for me to tighten. (They are put on by the manufacturer to the door nob, and even Jon said they were much harder to screw in than the others. )
I’m so proud. Now I can break into people houses and change their door nobs. 🙂
I’d just like to add one more note. The pajama’s were given to me by my mom….they’re not really my taste, but they cover me. 🙂