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Friday, June 9th, 2006

Monday- Kristi Brought over Howie and Kaitlyn to play. She was suppose to come over last Wednesday, but things happened and it got delayed. Then Kaitlyn cut her eyebrow open and had to get six stitches. Lilah got sick and then Saturday was busy with Saturday things to do. Lilah had been looking forward to the visit since Wednesday so each day it was Howie and Katy are coming over today. On Monday Lilah even pretended to call Kristi, ask her if Howie and Katy are coming over, she then said okay I love you bye. When Kristi called Monday morning I told she better be coming over or it would break Lilah’s heart. She came and Lilah loved having her cousins over. They played and talked and made messes. Lilah hardly ate her lunch because her and Katy were talking, she did have a nice helping of the frosted animal cookies though. Her and Howie were eating straight from the bag so I decided to get them their own cups with cookies in them. They also went swimming while they were here. I filled the little pool up Monday morning so it was still a little chilly. Katy lips turned blue, and she was shivering. Lilah eventually got out and started riding her bike. It was fun to have the company.

Tuesday- we stayed home. I did some house work and we relaxed.

Wednesday- We spent the day with Shannon. She’s the friend who is moving to Dallas. We went to a park to play in the water features but Lilah didn’t like them very much. I think she was tired and unfamiliar with the kids and the surroundings. Plus the water would splash her face and why play in the water when their are swings and slides. So the kids played and we enjoyed grapes. Eden liked the grapes. We went back to Shannon’s house to eat lunch and let the kids play. Then we picked her daughter up and then the rental van they would be using until they left. It was fun to drive a new mini van. We then let the kids play some more at her house. Lilah and the kids played outside in the sand box. She got sand everywhere. I had to wash her sheets and she had it in her pull-up. I swept about a half cup of sand up from the floor. It was crazy.
We went to IHOP for dinner, ( I saw a commercial or the Beniets, and wanted them, so we went…it was our date night) We then went grocery shopping and bought tons of produce because Smiths was having great sales.
It was a fun day.

Thursday- I went on campus for my exit interview for the graduation packet. It’s so much trouble. Then I dropped it off for the chair to sign and Jon had to pick it up the next day.( I now only need to pay and then I should be set for graduating as long as I pass all my classes.) We visited my friend Mary. Her daughter Maddy is just a few months younger than Lilah and she has a new son who is just a month old, Jacob. It was fun to visit and talk with her.

Friday- today I’ve accomplished very little. I have done the dishes, at least one load, and a load of clothes, but they still need to be folded. I’m been on the computer a lot and just haven’t accomplished much. Some days just are less productive.
I should go shred papers and do more dishes.