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first week of school

Friday, September 1st, 2006

So I’ve mostly completed my first week of school. I still have a couple of lectures I need to watch, but I’ll do those while the girls are taking their nap.
My music class was cancelled so I had to change my schedule a little bit. I do plan for these things and I register for one more class than I plan on taking. My extra class was Social Work 101, but the professor wanted “several hours of discussion weekly”, and their would be one paper along with the three tests. I was not wanting to do “several hours of discussion” which included responding to the lectures and then responding to other students responses, so I decided to register for SWK 315. Now this sounds strange, aren’t upper division classes harder?…well not always. I had some pretty easy psych courses that were 400 level. My main motivation was it was being taught by a different professor, so my hope was there would be different guidelines for the class and discussions particularly. Anyways, it was exactly the same guidelines plus two papers. I think both 101 and 315 were developed by the same professor, but one is just being “taught” by a different one. I say this because while I worked at Distance Education we did have teachers that just took over for another one, and they used the previous lectures and guidelines, and they just do the grading and answering of questions throughout the semester. Anyways I dropped the 101 and I picked up the 315 on Friday, and since it’s Internet I was not able to see the material until the next day, Saturday. Then I was like no way am I doing this. I just couldn’t handle a third class online that would be so demanding. I hoped my music class would go through, but on Tuesday they cancelled it, only ten of us had registered. I decided to register late for a different music class that I knew would be going through. MUS 133- History of the Beatles, on Monday night. I registered Tuesday so I have not attended this class, plus the teacher does not appear to be on UNLV’s employee list. Which tells me he’s new, or a grad student possibly. Since Monday is a holiday I actually won’t go to the class until the 12th of September. I figure I’ll read though the book, an anthology written by the Beatles, and try to get in touch with him through the department. I’m hoping I haven’t messed up completely and that the class will be more fun with tests or papers, maybe a little time intensive, but not as much as the SWK ones would have been. So that’s my strange life. My sex offenders class was interesting. I probably won’t talk about it too much because the public is often misguided on certain things, or just plain judgemental. I also don’t want to traumatize whoever reads this.

The semester looks hopeful. I’ve done okay managing my time, though my sex offending course has a ton of reading each week, plus so much vocabulary that I’ll need to learn just so I can understand the material and be able to use it. I’ve been tired this whole week and I’ve taken naps in the morning. I’m trying to get past that, because it wastes time.
The semester is a starting and now there is no looking back.

On a side note. The first day I have to take a shower, so I can go to class, both girls decide to stay awake until 4:09….Well that’s when I decided to get in my shower because I couldn’t wait any longer…they were both sound asleep at 4:27 when I went to check on them.

Also we’re getting high speed Internet. My phone line won’t be busy while I’m on-line and overall my Internet connection should be mush faster! I’m so excited!!! It’s costing us much more a month, but I think it’ll be worth it because of the upgrades we’re getting on out phone line and the fact that I will not have such slow connection. Yay!!
(I’ve done six semesters of Internet courses with horribly slow connections, not always able to see the videos clearly for the powerpoint’s, but I always had sound, and on my seventh and final semester we finally get high speed. Go figure.)