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Funny things that 3 year olds do.

Monday, September 4th, 2006

Lilah got ready for church yesterday while sitting on the couch watching The Incredibles. I noticed that she hadn’t taken off her pajama bottoms, blue bottoms with sharks in them, but I figured once Jon has her go potty she’ll put her pull-ups on and it won’t matter. We got to church and she’s upset because we won’t let her sit in between us. I get her on my lap and I realized…hey it doesn’t feel like she has a pull-up on. I lift her dress a little and what do I see… the blue shark bottoms to her pajamas. Jon had gotten Lilah to get her shoes on, but forgot to have her go potty before church. My next thought…she’s wearing panties,

‘please just don’t go pee in your panties during sacrament.’

My other worry was her getting emotional.

‘Please don’t get emotional and lose control of your bladder.’

Sacrament went well. I got pull-ups on her for Nursery and had her go to the bathroom. She’s doing pretty well in panties. She even left the table during lunch one day to go to the bathroom, and she only went pee. Which was a big leap because just having to go pee doesn’t mean Lilah goes to the toilet. Usually she has to go poop before she’ll rush to the bathroom, or we have ro remind her. She actually hasn’t had a wet pull-up for a while, but every once in a while she does go in her panties while at home. Which makes the pull-up in public a must for me.

The other funny thing happened after church. Jon and I were in the bedroom talking and changing or something. Lilah comes in all excited. “Mommy come here, I have to show you something.” She takes me by the hand and starts dragging me down the hall. I’m thinking what has she done, and Jon follows because of the bubbling excitement Lilah has. We get to the kitchen and she stops and points.
“What’s that Mommy?”
I reply “It’s Ovaltine
“Is that to make chocolate milk?”
“Why yes it is.”
“Can we have chocolate milk?”

It was just funny. I suppose to had to be there, but she was dang cute. Her excitement was almost too much.
I suppose we should have chocolate milk more often. But hey I figure if you have things sparingly then they will think it’s such a treat to have it. So ovaltine once a month it is. J/K