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Three day holiday?

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

They call it a three day weekend so you can relax right?
We did so much house stuff, and granted it has paid off because I have hardly anything I have to do today besides the little stuff, but man housework is never done.
Miraculously we were able to keep our sink pretty empty. We did at least a load of dishes a day, some days two. We got errands run, such as one trip to Target, and two small trips to the grocery store.  One gospel Doctrine Lesson was planned. Some laundry got washed…three loads washed, two loads folded. Jon made tons of  food this weekend. Including one large batch of coleslaw, he loves coleslaw. On Saturday he made fish sticks for lunch and pasta. More pasta on Sunday. (He saw a recipe on the bag he wanted to try.) I made three batches of granola. One on Friday, which reminded us all how much we love granola, and then I did a double batch yesterday. I also made brownies for FHE. We had lots of family time. Including running through the sprinklers and chasing the girls around on Monday.
I’ve done lots of sweeping and wiping down counters. Things get dirty so fast. I have become a sweep-oholic. I sweep at least once a day. I also wipe down the counters throughout the day. They are just nicer that way, especially when your cooking, doing dishes then cooking some more. I also scrubbed out our kitchen sink this weekend. It was gross. Since it was finally completely empty and staying that way I decided to get out the orange clean and spray it down. It’s nice to have a clean sink.
There’s just so much constant cleaning and laundering. I just did a load of clothes for the girls this morning and they need to be folded. I really hate folding. Things get put in the laundry basket and set for days waiting to be folded, or we just get what we need out of the dryer.  It’s horrible, but at least we have clean clothes. I feel good that we did so much and just kept the house up this weekend. (Usually we relax and get caught up in everything else, and the house goes to pot, or part of it gets done, like laundry, but the dishes stay in the sink the whole weekend.) Jon did outside stuff and I relaxed, watched the girls, or did school stuff. He helped so much, and even did dishes, though he derserves..say…three weeks off….if not more since he did so much while I was recovering. It helps to have his support. It feels good to have a clean kitchen.  We have too many dishes so it was hard at times to empty the dishwasher and put away all the clean ones. Oh well. We found room for them all.
It was a good weekend. Productive and fun. Thanks honey