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20 minutes

Monday, September 11th, 2006

I teach Relief Society once a month. This week our lesson was on Temple Work: Turning Our Hearts to Our Families and the Lord.
Now it went well relatively speaking. It was only a little frustrating. I only had 20 minutes. Which is somewhat normal after we have announcements and song practice. (I usually have 25-30) I wish they would have chosen a shorter song though. It was four verses. Why not a two verse song for song practice?
Well I pretty much just got my introduction in, and parts about family history. Mostly I would make a short comments and people would have something to say or contribute. or they would have something to say in response to another comment. I wish on days like this I was a mind reader, or psychic. Then I could chose the comments that would be relevant and short, and maybe move-on in a polite way past the comments that would be off topic, or less relevant, and edit those which are long to that which is really needed to be said. It was such a good lesson that I wish I could have gotten more in. Just telling the women to read it doesn’t do it, because I know those who have not already read it, probably will not read it. Granted most of what was said was very uplifting, and they were wonderful experiences. Just what I look for. I just wish I would have had more time. 20 minutes is never enough.