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Dixie Chicks Countdown

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

First I would like to say just seven days until I go to my first Dixie Chicks concert! I’m so excited!!! Jon and I are going, they’re one of the few bands we both like, well I love Dixie Chicks. Whenever the Dixie Chicks have come to Vegas I’ve been poor, pregnant or I just had a baby so I was super excited to see that they we’re touring and that we could go. I consider it my graduation present, or maybe Christmas. (I’ve decided not to walk…it would cost $40 for the cap and gown and it just seems like a big hassle….so I just want to have a day with my family rather then a long ceremony.) Carolyn, my sister who is just older than me, is going to the concert with Derrek, a guy friend. She thinks he got tickets after I saw them on Halloween and mentioned the concert. Carolyn also loves Dixie Chicks. Since we’re all going he gave the suggestion of going to dinner together. I think it will be a great night.  I believe he is just a guy friend, at least on her end. Carolyn is a very private person and even if she is dating someone she will deny it. I try to be good and not pry, but Jon mentions anytime a person asks if your dating someone the next question, even if not asked, is are you gonna marry this person, in which the second question can be earnestly implied by the way the first one is asked. So I try to be good and not all nosy, but it’s so fun to know if she’s dating someone, even if she’s not going to marry him.  She’s a totally sweet girl and I know if she ever has kids she will be a great mom, a slightly OCD mom, but a great one none the less. At times she says she will never have kids because she’s already been a mom when she nannied for about 6 years…it was somewhere between 4-6 years. ( Carolyn is one of the neatest people I know, and she can’t stand for kids dirty hands or face. She did pretty well at keeping Dominick, the boy she nannied since he was born till about 4, clean. It even started rubbing off on him because he would not hold his own m&m’s at one time because his hands might get dirty. So I’m not the up tightest person about kids getting dirty…just one of them.)

Scott and Fallon come to town

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Last Wednesday my brother Scott and his wife Fallon got in to Vegas from Pensacola Florida, where he is stationed for the Navy. They left Monday morning and drove across the U.S. to arrive at 4:00 am Vegas time on Wednesday. Because of school, schedules and only having one car, I didn’t see them until Saturday. Fallon is a great influence on Scott, he’s active in the church and she just got baptized this July. I think Scott has always had some testimony of the church, but after being in such a strict house, once he joined the navy he went a little wild. I can understand in some ways. The rules growing up were if you live under my roof you go to church and uphold it’s teaching of morals. Of course there wild unruly times, but we all knew we had no choice about attending church. It was the rule. My parents are quite understanding though. They never told us we couldn’t hang out with someone just because they might be trouble. We got in trouble with that friend and then they said no you can’t hang out with them. It wasn’t all bad growing up.
Anyways it was fun to see them on Saturday. I had a baby shower in Henderson so they watched the kids while Kristi and I went to the baby shower. Eden slept the whole time or I would have taken her with me. She gets into so much climbing trouble and it’s hard to keep track of her when you have three other toddler/kids, and one other infant. I was able to stay for dinner and enjoy their company. I saw Scott and Fallon again on Sunday, for FHE, and then I went over and spent the day with  them on Tuesday with the girls.  Lilah had a blast throwing “approved” toys over the stairwell to have Scott retrieve them and throw them back. I say approved because at times she was trying to throw hard Lego’s, and the rule was it had to be relatively soft. It was hilarious to watch them and I think Scott got a bit of a work out. Maybe he lost a 1/2 pound for the 26 he needs to lose in the next six months. I didn’t get any pictures because I kept forgetting my camera. 🙁  It was so fun to see them. I keep in touch with Fallon though myspace, so it’s really just great to see and be able to talk, rather than leave comments on her page.  I wish they lived closer so it would be more feasible for us to visit them. They left Thursday morning. They’re hoping to get in Sunday morning so Scott can rest. You see his leave is up at 11:59 pm on Sunday, so they have him coming into work at 12:00 am Monday.

Sick house

Saturday, November 18th, 2006

I went to my parents house Tuesday to visit Scott and Fallon. I left with a stuffed up Lilah. I think it was allergies or possibly my mom that got us sick. Tuesday evening was horrible because both girls got stuffy noses and had difficulty sleeping. I was awoken pretty much every hour, if not two. Lilah was in my bed the first part of the night. That was horrible. I put her in her bed at who knows what time so she wouldn’t wake me up each time she was having trouble breathing and tossed and turned in the bed.  Eden joined me around 4, I think, because of breathing problems. She did okay and pretty much rested the rest of the time, except when Lilah came in the room then threw up on the floor. I actually felt pretty good on Wednesday considering the interrupted and lack of sleep. The girls have been pretty good, but needy. I’ve had the TV on a lot because it keeps them rested. I started getting sick Wednesday night, and it has gone down hill from there. I am happy to say that I haven’t had a killer sore throat, I always get the worst sore throats during these things. I am at the stage where I’m sneezing and my sinuses are so full of stuff that I feel like my face wants to fall off.

Today, Saturday, Jon had some work to do, so he took Lilah into the office with him. Eden wanted to go also. She had retrieved one of her shoes once she saw Lilah getting hers on. It was soo cute. Jon can only handle one child in his office, plus Lilah is better at entertaining herself and won’t need a nap while they’re there.  Jon’s printing 2,000 and some odd letters to students who will be dropped from there classes for the Spring semester if they don’t get their immunizations updated. You see registration has already started so they can’t put them on hold to register, so they’ll have to drop them. It’s federal law to have immunizations for school and the vice president of UNLV decided it needed to become a priority because they’ve been pretty lax in previous years, hence why they have at least 2,000 students who have not had updated immunizations.  I’m happy I’m graduating because I would be one of those students, except I did just get my tetanus and I believe that was the one I was missing. Anyways Jon didn’t want to tie up a printer for hours while at work so he went in today. I’m happy he decided to take Lilah, but now I don’t know what to do with Eden. She’s playing with blocks and putting out a lot of snot right now.  I’m just happy I have time to blog without feeling guilty for neglecting my school work. I had a test yesterday, and since I’ve been sick I haven’t been very productive. Today I feel like I could do chores around the house, if it weren’t for the bending over and losing you face feeling. I guess I’ll settle for trying to read and do my assignment that is due Monday for my music class. We have the adult meeting for Stake Conference tonight and our ward is doing the musical number. I want to go and support because we have small ward choir. I could probably sing, but I don’t know if I’m contagious still, and if other ward members want to be sitting next to a sniffling sick lady. I guess we’ll see if my sickness becomes less obvious as the day goes on, maybe then I can trick people and just not sit to close or breath on anyone.