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Saturday, February 10th, 2007

This week has been long but it went rather quickly.
Lilah got sick last Saturday so we had her and Eden stay home with Jon on Sunday. Both stayed because I was teaching Sunday school and I didn’t want to worry about Eden and getting her to nursery right before my class started.
This past week Lilah has been congested and coughing  a lot and then Friday she came down with a fever. It was not fun. She said she had an earache, but really I think she just wanted medicine.  Today, Saturday, she seems to be doing well. No more  fever and plenty of attitude. I think I’m going to keep them both home from church just to make sure Lilah is over what she had and so they don’t catch anything. The girls and I are going up to Utah with my mom later this week so I don’t want them to get sick right before we leave.

Wednesday I got my hair done. Yippee!! I got some red highlights put in as my graduation gift to myself. Jon does not usually like highlight but he likes mine because they’re subtle.  (I’m sure being on me helps also 😉

This shows more of the cut. My standard cut, but I love it. (Pardon the no make up and red blotch left from the cold sore I had last week.)
Now you can see the highlights. They are very subtle but very noticeable in the sun or outside.
I normally have no red to my dark brown hair, so the red tint is the highlights.

Why I paid so much money to have subtle and not immediately noticeable highlights I don’t know but they make me happy.

Friday I was going to just lay around with the girls since Lilah had a fever, but while they were down for their nap I decided to hem my curtains. So I’m one step closer to having all my curtains done! I also sewed the tabs that I should have sewn about 3 weeks ago for my next set that I’ll be making. I guess I realized it was almost the middle of February, I’ve been out of school almost two month and have not done anything with my curtains. I guess I realized I was being a slacker. Now I feel happy that they’re done.  ( I made these curtains in July last year, but they didn’t get hemmed because I was hosting a pampered chef party and I just wanted them hung.  So now 7 months later they’re finally done. )

Have a baby or else!

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

I get an e-mail from Merdian every day. They have links on the side to real news articles that are sometimes interesting. I’m not a big news reader. I should be able to find the time and become interested in it, but I’m not. There was one article that caught my eye though.
Washington Same-Sex Marriage Proponents: Require Heterosexual Couples to Have Kids or Face Annulment

I thought how ridiculous. You don’t have to read it to understand how degrading this is to couples. All couples. So if you’re gay and you don’t adopt within three years your “marriage” should be annulled also? What about those couples who cannot have a baby easily but would rather try for years with invetro (sp?) than adopt? What about those who can’t afford to adopt or do invetro? You’re infertile and can’t have a child so lets stick it to you more and annull your marriage. You just don’t want children so you’re marriage doesn’t count. Maybe you’re 55 when you marry but you’d better get on the baby train. It’s ridiculous.

Now this is not up for voting yet, they’re still in the process of getting it on the ballot. Maybe they’re trying to show that you don’t have to have kids to be a devoted couple, but really I think they’re going about it wrong.
Anyways there’s my light on news. People are idiots.

The day

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Our pediatrician’s office is weird. Twice they’ve given my the wrong date on the reminder card for one of the girls appointments. I thought Eden had an appointment on the Wednesday Feb. 7th at 9 am. I remember checking the card for the correct date that we discussed. Wednesday Jan. 31st I got a call reminding me that Eden had an appointment at 9 am on Thursday the 1st. I called back to make sure. My reminder card had Thursday marked but it said 2-07….maybe she was confusing the day with the year.
So we went in Yesterday for Eden’s 18th month appointment. She’s healthy and normal. She weighted in at 21 lbs. 11 oz. (10-25th percentile), her height was 32 1/2 inches (75th percentile) and her head is 48 cm (90th percentile). So our child is tall with a big head and skinny for her age. Go figure.
The doctor was interesting. He’s new to us and this was the first time Lilah had meet him. At the end of the appointment he told Lilah how her sister may not play very much just yet, but she’ll become interesting in a few months and interact with her more. I said how they already play together. Lilah just bosses Eden around. He said that will come to an end soon.
I find the second child interesting. Even though it says on the sheet of paper they give us that at this age they have an inability to share, I still find Eden able to share. She doesn’t always like it and it is usually guided by a parent but she will share will Lilah.

After the appointment I was going to go to a consignment store my sister Carolyn told me about. She said they had leotards there for $5 and that sounded very appealing compared to the $17 I could spend at Target for a new one. As I sat in the car I realized I would be passing Kristi’s house and I called to see if I could stop by to let the kids play. Lilah and Eden stayed and played while I went to the store and bought a leotard for Lilah. It’s a medium, the smallest size the had, that wasn’t smaller than Lilah. It’s about a size 4-5. It too long for her but I think I might safety pin it and it’ll work. For $6. 49 total I figure a little growing space doesn’t matter.
I left Kristi’s at lunch time and then called Carolyn. She works down the street form Kristi so I called to see when her lunch was. She wasn’t going to be taking a lunch but since I had the girls she decided to.
Lilah had fun at the office and even got some candy and money from one of Carolyn’s coworkers.
We left Carolyn’s work and went to Costco. I bought way to much considering I went in for honey and shampoo. How does honey and shampoo become a nearly $200 shopping trip? It’s crazy there.
We left and Eden fell right asleep in the car. It was a fun day considering it was unplanned. The girls were well behaved and we had no tantrums. At the end of the Costco trip Eden started making this grumbling noise in her throat. Lilah copied her sister and said that Eden must be grumpy. So for the last 15 minutes of the Costco run Eden was grumpy as described by Lilah about every 2 minutes.

I got Jon at the end of the day and we went home for a quick dinner. I had book club for relief society and it was fun to go discuss. It was interesting because they did this needle test to see how many and what kids I would have. A little superstitious yes, but fun none the less.(it came up in conversation and I said I wanted to try it.) You have a sewing needle on a piece of thread about 5-6 inches long or a total of a foot but folded in half to hold the needle. One person holds the thread with the needle dangling while doing the test on the other person. From what I could tell the person just places their hand palm down with fingers spread on a surface and the other person traces the hand in the air just above it. After they trace the hand they move the needle to float above the middle of the hand. If the needle swings in a circle that means a girl, if it swings in a line then it means a boy. You repeat tracing and floating the needle abovethe hand until instead of swinging the needle stops. It predicted me to have two girls and then one boy. (be quiet Anna) I just think it was fun. The women who introduced this to me, or well her daughters, said her reason to believe it can predict the children and what sex they are in order is because she thinks the energy of a woman’s children are with her, born or unborn. Part of me was like 3 just 3. I hope I don’t die young. We’ll have to see how many Jon’s suppose to have. 🙂


I really enjoyed the day. I loved having the car and being able to visit people. I can’t wait until we get a second car. I hope everything is ready by the summer time so we can buy, but we’ll see. I have lots of wants, but we’ll see what pans out in the end.
I want a sedan that can fit three car seats. Jon wants a car with a fold flat rear seat, so he can pick up big items at the home improvement store. We’ll see, we’ll see.
I really want a second car…..I can’t wait until we have a second car.