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Back early….kinda

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Well, we went to Utah this weekend for a family reunion. We were also going to visit Jon’s niece Shauntae but she was sick and then her boys got sick and we’ve been kinda having digestion problems, so instead of going up to see them today we came home. (This way we have a day to recoup since Jon only has Monday off.) It’s nearly 11pm. We left Provo 12:30ish and didn’t get home until 10pm. There is a huge forest fire around the Beaver and Filmore area near I-15, will right on I-15, so we had a huge detour that took forever. It’s still nice to be home. We shared a hotel room with my parents last night and I realized how much they both snore. Of course my mother blames my father and my father blames my mother. All I know is if I wake up and they’re snoring it’s hard to get back to sleep. It was still very nice of them to let us crash with them since Shauntae was sick. 🙁
I’m really bummed that we weren’t able to see Shauntae’s family, but I am happy to be home. Details will come later with a few pictures.  Jon took pictures at the reunion and the ones I took were of the forest fire.