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Coupons and surveys

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

Since I sometimes have a lot of time on my hands, well usually due to procrastination, I sometimes do online surveys and what not. I’ve also entered some drawings. Why I do it is mostly due to boredom, but I’m also trying to find ways to save money for my little family. Not that I’m tremendously good at saving money. Sometimes I end up spending more than I should to save a nickel. Anyways. For a while I’ve subscribed to this one survey site. I’ve done lots of surveys, but only made $10, so I’m not really recommending it, just letting you know that I am subscribed. (I made $5 through their drawings, well one drawing, and $5 for a paid survey. I did a survey on Sunscreen, it was kinda fun. )

Anyways. I’m starting to do more of the surveys you see on receipts. I just filled one out for JC Penny’s, even though I’m not sure when the next time I’ll shop there will be. I got a 15% off coupon for my two minutes of time. (If anyone needs anything from Penny’s let me know, though they do have a long list of what it won’t apply to. I think it really only applies to clothing and towels.) I’m hoping that I can start saving my family money on things we need or things we want if I take time to fill out surveys or do research online for coupons. Like Chuck E’ Cheese can be very expensive but with the coupons it’s a little less crazy to spend money there.
Also if I called in and did the surveys on my Payless receipts within the allotted time I could save $2 when I buy the girls shoes there, or my comfy flip flops that I love.
I guess my reason for this post is to have people look at easy ways to save money or get prizes. I haven’t won any prizes, the trip I entered for my Target survey didn’t pan out, dangit, but if you put yourself out there then you get rewards. I don’t do things that give me solicitations, like the car drawings, but I look for coupons. Ya know time is money and if you’re willing to spend the time you can save money and what else do I have to do besides laundry and watching kids.
I don’t use regular grocery coupons. Mostly because we buy store brand and often even with coupons store brands can be cheaper if they’re on sale and you usually have to buy a newspaper to get the coupons, so we just go cheap. So my goal is to do surveys, they’re stupid but save money of you shop at that store and spend a lot. I only wish Costco would give me 10% off if I did a survey.
Were their plenty of taste test stations? -No I want more so I can leave with a free lunch.
Did you find what you need? -Yes and about $70 worth of stuff I didn’t.

Like I asked before anyone need anything from Penny’s?