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Time with Carolyn

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Note: This was begun and mostly written Saturday night, I was just to lazy to change it.

It’s been a crazy day. I decided to take the girls swimming with my sister Carolyn today. We thought we’d head over to the nearest public pool and have fun. I met her at my parents house and my niece Adrianne was there. Apparently Kaitlyn had dance class so my parents were watching the baby, Howie decided he wanted to watch his sister dance.
So once Howard got there we decided to have them come along. We left my parents house for the pool around 12:30 and Eden fell asleep on the way there. I had Carolyn and Lilah go on ahead and I let Eden rest for about 10 minutes. Then once we got inside the pool area and found Carolyn and Lilah something happened and they kicked everyone out for 15 minutes or so. I wish I’d stayed in the car a little longer since you melt quickly in 115 degree weather. ( I don’t know if it was 115 but I imagine it was at least 110.) Lilah didn’t like the fountain and waterfall things they had there. She hates loud noises and getting water on her face and they consisted of both. So I mostly walked around with Lilah and Carolyn took Eden “swimming” throughout the pool. Eden had a total blast and loved being with Aunt Carolyn. Lilah eventually warmed up to the thought of not holding on to me and started jumping up and down in the pool. (The water came to her shoulders easily, so I think the depth scared her.) It was a fun day to be outside and in the water. We saw Howard, Howie and Katy a little, but they were mobile and swam around where as Lilah was not.
We got to my parents in the late afternoon and I then went to JoAnn’s to get the lining that I needed for the girl’s dresses. I now have everything I need and I plan on cutting out Lilah’s dress tomorrow. I’ll have Naia three days a week for a few weeks and on my off days I plan on taking the girls swimming. So we’ll see how much sewing I get done. If all the children sleep well I should be fine. It’s making sure they all sleep at the same time.
I hope to get one dress done a week. If I’m not lazy and I sew at night I don’t think it will be a problem. I will be sizing Eden’s dress from a 3 to a 2, so I’m doing hers last so as to not have anything but her dress to worry about. I think hers may take longer depending on when I get the help to size down her dress. (Another note: I found out today, Sunday, that somehow the zippers I bought were left at the store, so I now need to go to Henderson sometime this week. Which is no big deal since I’ll need my mom to refresh my mind on how to put in a zipper. 🙂 I don’t sew often enough to always remember what I’m doing, plus she has a zipper foot which makes the process a little easier. )

Anyways after JoAnn’s we had dinner at my parents and Eden and Lilah fell asleep on the way home. Eden is in bed, Lilah is watching a movie.
I’m subbing in Primary for the 9 year old class tomorrow. I still need to get the lesson figured out. I like to reformat them so I have the scriptures listed before the questions. In the lesson’s it’s always the question and then the answer, which confuses me when I’m teaching. It’s an okay bunch of kids so I’m hoping it goes well. We’ll see though, and I’m teaching them next week also so I hope it goes smoothly.

Update: The class went well. The girls were more disruptive than the boys which kinda surprised me. They were pretty good in the class but once we got to sharing and singing time their attention span was all of 30 seconds.
I’ve also got most of Lilah’s dress cut out. I should be able to cut out the rest after the girls go to bed. I’m excited to start sewing tomorrow.