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You’re two!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Dearest Eden,

You’re two today. I can’t believe how you’ve grown! You’re much more independent than your sister was at this age and you definitely let us know when you’re unhappy, though it’s usually due to Lilah doing something you don’t approve of. You and her usually get along well, but when you aren’t getting along, you are not getting along. You’re a very kind sister and if I ask you give something to Lilah or to share you usually quickly obey.
You’re a very loving daughter. You often come up and give me random hugs and you’ll lay your sweet head on my lap when I’m at the computer, it might be because you want attention that you do the latter, but you’re kinda a mommas girl. You love hugging Daddy when he comes home and you often get to him before I do.
You’re very polite and will say bless you when you hear someone sneeze, even a stranger. You love hair. You often annoy your sister by wanting to play with her hair. You’re beginning to be a picky eater, but you take after your father in certain taste. You love graham crackers and milk after you eat your cereal, and so does he, you also enjoy brown rice, though you like it better with potpies, you’ll eat it with just butter and salt like your father. You also love cheese and especially cottage cheese. You ask for it right after you finish your graham crackers and milk.
You can be stubborn about cleaning up though, you love making a mess but don’t always love picking up.
You’re an early riser. I am often woken up by the sound of your voice saying “Mommy I’m awake, mommy I’m awake.
You love washing your hands and brushing your teeth and you’re always so proud to tell us that you did it. “I did it!” is a phrase you use when you accomplish something.
You, like Lilah, love books and love being read too, and you enjoy coloring a lot lately.
You are a very sweet girl with a wonderful smile that is always on your face. You’re a bit of a cheese in front of the camera at times and you often don’t sit still long enough for a picture. You love to see the pictures that have been taken. You love being chased and playing games.
You are a very fun daughter and I am very happy to be your mother.
Happy Birthday little one.