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Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Friday night for a relief society activity we played Bunco and had a BBQ. Now I can be competitive and this game has no strategy whatsoever, so it was fun but a little annoying. I guess the good thing is if you win it’s just luck so their no hurt feelings. It’s just the luck of the roll.  The BBQ and Bunco included husbands but mine would not go. I thought that you mostly just sat at a table  with the same people, but he knew that you changed tables and there was no guarantee who you would be with, so I think it was better that he stayed home.  I had fun and ended up staying there until 11:30pm talking with various women in the ward and brother Jewitt, though I think he was just being polite since it was his house.
It was a fun night.
I like to be social but Jon’s more of the quiet type socially. It’s kinda funny. He was more outgoing before we were married in a way, but that was probably because you had to be outgoing to meet any girls. He’s caught his wife and now goes into his comfort zone of being home with me and the girls. We have done things with other couples, but it’s not often. He can also be quite social if he needs to be for work dinners and what not . I just don’t want to paint him as a hermit, though he’d be perfectly happy as one.
One funny thing I learned is some people think Jon looks like Doogie Howser, or his real names is Neil Patrick Harris. One woman mentioned it and when I told Jon he said that he’d heard that before. I was a little shocked because he does not look like Doogie Howser to me.
Jon was awake when I got home, kinda a shocker since he goes to bed early. He had taken a nap and was wide awake so we ended up talking and watching late shows until 2 am.
It was a fun night.