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Monday, July 30th, 2007

This Sunday was my week to teach Gospel Doctrine. (I teach every 1st Sunday and then we have the fifth Sundays divided between mostly me and one other teacher. With teaching first Sunday’s I don’t teach on General Conference weekend and even one of our stake conferences fell on the first Sunday. So when I made out the schedule I compensated for those weeks and each of the four teachers teach 12 times in the year. )
This Sunday was a hard lesson for me. They seem to give you so much information and all the information is tied together that I often have a hard time figuring out what I can skip, what I can summarize and what I should teach. Then you have some speakers that go over in Sacrament, like this Sunday, and that takes away precious time for me as a teacher.
I tried to be prepared but I was just a jumble of thoughts.
I also blame it on the fact that I teach only once a month, not that I want to teach more and have this stress every week, but this month I taught and then I wasn’t in an adult class for the three weeks between teaching. (out of town one week and then substituting the next two weeks in Primary. )
Gospel Doctrine is also just hard for me to teach overall.  If a long discussion is started,  it often isn’t in the direction I want to go,  or people don’t say much of anything. Yesterday it went ok, but I was rushed.  There are a lot of scriptures to read and sometimes the questions are hard to tie in.  I guess I’m suppose to be magnifying myself and this is one area I feel I need a lot of work in when it comes to teaching.