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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I’m kinda  a stickler for not letting the girls just play with game pieces. Lilah likes to play with the sequence “money” and I don’t usually let her.
One because if I’m not careful they girls get out other toys out and it’s hard to keep them separated. Two I’ll find the pieces around the house.
I just don’t like it.
Well Jon played Candyland with the girls some time last week and they wanted to play with the sequence “money”. So he let them and they’ve played with them every day since.
He was unaware of my rule, and even if I had told him he’d probably just say I have too many rules. I think most of them are common sense from my mom point of view but he does not see it that way always.
Like not letting Lilah flush with her bare feet. Just so gross and then you have the old germs getting on her feet and walking around our house. Just yucky.
I have other rules. Like no getting dirty outside, but that never sticks with Jon and I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t care.
I also set a timer when they’re fighting over something. When the timer goes off they switch, an idea I got my my niece Shauntae. Jon doesn’t like this because he wants them to work it out, I just don’t see Eden doing that until she’s older.
It’s hard being two parents to the same kids. We’re  mostly on the same page but if I mention a rule, Jon will not defy it at that time purposely even if he thinks it’s crazy. We discuss later.

Also Eden has just started throwing more temper tantrums, or kinda like them. There’s no kicking or screaming but she likes to put her head down and cry. It’s kinda cute but annoying because she’s easily upset lately to a point where it’s hard to calm her down.  She’s also more sensitive to not getting her way and  neither of the girls are good at listening to each other.
I noticed Lilah is the dominating one at home and then when at my parents Eden was dominating over Adrianne. But it’s usually the older one is minding there own business and the little one comes along wanting what the older one has. Eden wants what Lilah has and Adrianne wanted what Eden had. Eden got quite good at saying “Adrienne no” when I was there on Friday with them.
Oh well, that’s the circle of life.