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Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Not too long ago my SIL Fallon posted some news about my brother Scott’s new post in Baltimore, MD, where they’re moving to in November.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had just found out that we are transferring to a deploying billet. He will be deployed for 90 to 120 days at a time, once a year, every year until we leave. And, he will not be deployed on a boat, he will be on the ground, most likely Iraq or Afghanistan! We found out that apparently the Recs are out of date. They have this command down as a shore billet, which is one of the reasons we put in for it. We have planned everything around a shore command, and now, when it is to late to put in an order modification, we find out that it is a sea going billet.

She proceeds to tell how hard it’s been for her.
Thoughts of my bother going overseas have been in and out of my mind since this post. On 9-11 he was on a Naval ship off the coast of Virginia, if I remember correctly, and it took a while before correspondence was allowed due to trying to keep the location secret. I remember being worried for him but knowing that no news of Navy ships had been declared and he did return home safely.

I really worry once he moves and has to be deployed. The taste of war is bitter in my mouth with knowing my brother will be one of the soldiers apart of it. I love him and I know this will be hard for his wife when he finally has to leave until he is back from his last deployment.
I love you Scott and I wish you safety.


Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Lilah’s class wet really well. I actually had two actives left over today in which it’s always better to be over prepared than under.
The kids loved bowling- where we had tall yogurt containers and they hurled a big green ball, thanks Anna, at them.
I think they could have done it the whole last half hour, but we had spots to count on a cow I made which is so cute for my lack of artistic ability. I think I’ll name her Darling.
We made butter for an activity and one of the girls did not want to pass along the jar and let me shake it to help. It was kinda funny to be getting the evil eye from a 3 year old.

Today I have a few things to do. One is dishes not only because my kitchen is overflowing but my cupboards are getting bare and we have fewer and fewer clean ones left.
I also have to hand sew a little on the girls dresses so the seams don’t scratch them. Lilah called it pokey and I’m hoping by covering it she’ll be okay. I’d hate to make them wear undershirts and the dress in 100 + degree weather at 4:00 in the afternoon for the wedding. I’m afraid of melting and I feel for Carolyn. It’s also been humid which makes it even worse.

Anna did a great job on my dress. It’s a pull over the head dress with no zipper and I have large arms and small boobs so I need a helper to take it off. I’m sure Jon won’t mind. Next time we’ve decided that we’d put a zipper somewhere. I’m not sure where, but one of the sides near the sleeve seems like a good place.

Two days to go. Lilah’s exciting for the wedding and I can’t wait to get everything over with. I bought the girls new shoes and Jon was like why do they need new shoes? and I was like because sandals do not go with their dresses, and even though they’re white shoes I got them with growing room for this winter, so I just bought the winter Sunday shoes now.
He seemed to accept that explanation. 🙂

It’s strange how you think next month won’t be a big spending month and then it is. I’ve spent a lot on the baby shower so far, but I’m not counting it until everything has been bought, especially since I’ll be getting some money from Carolyn and my mom for it. I can’t afford to pay for it by myself and Carolyn can’t afford to put much time into it. Wedding and a honeymoon- whatever.
I hope she makes it to the honeymoon destination though. They’re going to Maui and it’s been getting hit with tropical storms and a hurricane, though I’m sure they won’t mind being caught inside if they even make it there.

Also Eden just put bread up her nose and a little bit is stuck up there. Last time snot got it out, but I worry that it will be inhaled, but how can a doctor scoop it out?