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Monday, August 27th, 2007

Lately the girls have only been happy with one another if their’s a movie or the tv on. Today we watched a movie and then they went on their way to play. They started fighting over the strap on the changing table, we don’t use it so it’s just buckled underneath. I heard “I had it first” and once I was in the room I saw them pushing on one another. I told them to work it out but it didn’t help. I try not to intervene because one of them will start crying because I didn’t choose what they wanted. After I told them again to work it out Lilah started crying, while they’re both still holding onto the strap, Eden stops her whining and asks Lilah what’s wrong. She often does this when Lilah lets out a full on cry.
They continue to fight and I remove them both for the exciting strap that’s attached to our changing table.
Then they almost immediately started fighting over the toy shopping cart. All Lilah knows how to do is push, and Eden pushes back and so Lilah cries, and Eden cries back. It is so lovely. I take the shopping cart and decide to separate them. Eden went on the couch with nothing but her blanket an Lilah stayed in the room with nothing but a blanket, she didn’t like this because she was playing with a towel that I had to take away.
I’ve decided they’re watching too much and not working things out so until they can start working things out their will be no tv and once I feel that they’re civil they can have 1 hour a day. If they’re not being civil or communicating the toy or whatever gets taken away. If they start in on another toy they’re then separated until they decide to be nice.
Eden’s really starting to assert her self and throw tantrums and I think Lilah is just following in suit.
I’m going to try to spend more time with them and encourage for them to communicate. I feel as Eden is still young for this, but I know Lilah can talk, though she often just cries instead of using her words, which really annoys me. I also hate that Lilah’s crying actually kinda helps her get her way, or at least sympathy from Eden, by Eden then asking what’s wrong. I like and hate it at the same time.

I’m also going to go through their toys and take some away and put some in a box to be rotated out. Our stuffed animals are overthrowing our two baskets and the small toys drive me nuts. I want to toss it all, but in reality they don’t have that much so I’m going to just put some away.
I’d have them help but I know they wouldn’t get rid of anything.

Their fighting is just driving me a little bonkers.

After the whole separation on the couch it was lunch time and since Eden woke up at 6:15am I put her down early for a nap. So once Lilah was done with her lunch we sat and did some activities in this preschool book I got her. I see that I’ll be tested when it comes to teaching her. After we were both done with the book I let Lilah practice with some small scissors I got her. Since this was relatively her first time with kid scissors she was very awkward with them and can only cut out small things, forget lines for now. I hope she gains the hang of it and it becomes easier soon.