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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

So Jon’s going to say I’m a total nerd, but I want you’re input, for all those who read my blog, yes I know there are more than two of you, to help me decide what we should wear for our family pictures that I have yet to make an appointment for, but need to so we can get in before the holiday rush. I will do that after I post this blog.
I usually get new shirts for the girls and try to get things that might go with our wardrobe. The problem being that Jon doesn’t have anything that really goes, at least not with what I wanted originally for the photos.
So here are our choices in no particular order.









I won’t say what I’m leaning towards.

I bought the girls shirts in pictures 1 and 2 on sale. One is a 5t for Lilah next year and the other is a 2t for Eden because it seems like she doesn’t have a lot of clothes.

The shirts in 3 and 4 I bought with the intention of using them for the pictures and me in orange but I had no idea what to put Jon in and he doesn’t like to buy shirts for these things, so I have to work with what he has. I may end up returning them if we don’t use them for the pictures.

He wanted to put the blue shirt in 1 with our shirts in 3 and 4 and I’m not going for it even if it would be a nice contrast.