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Andrea’s Baby Shower- pictures

Friday, September 7th, 2007

These are the pictures that were shot from Andrea’s baby shower. I took a few but Julie took pictures while Andrea was opening gifts.

Sorry I don’t have a better variety. I was just talking most of the time and I didn’t remember about the camera during the games.



The cake.



The table. I like to have fresh flowers at parties.

(There was more food, but it was on the counter.)



I just thought Eden was cute in this one.



She got lots of onsies.



Did I mention Julie was taking the pictures?



Cards! (Really money!)



The party gang.



Lilah liked the vegetable tray.



This was Andrea telling Brien about all the onsies she got, duplicates included, and him being like yeah, we’ll need a lot of onsies.



More gifts, but what is Julie smiling at?



Oh, Julie’s smiling at her cute baby Naia.


The end.

Windows, there are some good things about the product.

Friday, September 7th, 2007

My girls love pictures and videos of themselves and well, any young child or baby.
If I’m looking at pictures they come over and ask who the pictures are of and if I start a video online they come running to see what I’m watching.
Today I used this to my advantage.
Eden likes to play the computer but after watching Lilah play games she often likes to play games that are like her sisters, but she’s just too little to do them on her own and the reason I let them play the computer is so I have time to do other things, though I do help them every once in a while, I want it to mostly be a learning tool for them to have independence and figure things out themselves.
So when I had to check some e-mail and cut into their playing games I thought I’d let them look at some pictures of themselves.

Am I raising narcissistic children or what?
Anyways we have windows media center where they can do a slide show of all the pictures you have, just in any random order. So as Eden sat crying because Lilah hurt her leg and Lilah complained about wanting to play computer games, pictures of themselves and our other family members slowly filled the screen and they guessed who it was.
Lilah’s really good at knowing who the pictures are of, except some of her as a very young baby, and Eden is pretty good too, though I did see her getting confused with some Lilah pictures where she’s wearing what Eden likes to wear now, or when Lilah was two.

As I sat watching I reminisced in what little children they once were. Lilah was once a small toddler that was ever so gentle with her baby sister and Eden was once a small, bald baby.
(All the pictures of Lilah are when she was at least 1 1/2 years old when we finally got the camera, except a few that we had taken with a borrowed digital camera when she was born.)

My family has grown so much and I worry about how fast time will go and that I’ll soon have two very talkative and inquisitive little girls. Maybe I can make them ask and answer each others questions instead of coming to me.

When I see the pictures of when they were smaller it makes me a little sad. I want them to stay small forever.

They loved the pictures and Eden didn’t want to leave the computer for lunch.

I think I’ll turn it back on after lunch, or maybe it should become my secret weapon of how to occupy them so they won’t come bother me.