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Cute things.

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

We do a game where we pretend to snore and recently I’ve made it so you have to kiss the person to wake them up. I snore and Eden kisses me so I say “Thank you for waking me up”. She snores and I kiss Eden and then she tells me “Thank you for kisses and waking me up.” It’s too cute.
We’ve also taught Eden to kiss on demand of any puckering lips. I love getting kisses from my girls but I teased that we could be doing a bad thing to teach Eden to always give kisses.

Funny thing of the day.
The girls were fighting and Jon went back there.
Jon- “What are you doing?”
Eden- “We’re fighting.”
At least she was honest in which Lilah usually gives some excuse, Eden took this, or I want this. It was just a straight up answer from Eden.
I suppose this might be more amusing to us as parents because of the cute voice Eden used and it goes with my thought on Eden conversing more and giving correct answers. “We’re fighting.” te-he-he. She’s so cute.

I love this age.

Lilah Update

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

So we found out that Lilah did not have protein in her urine, under closer testing, and she did have a UTI. So my question is how reliable are these dipsticks if they were both wrong!? Or did the nurse testing my daughters urine somehow mix them up?
So I have some amoxicillin to give to Lilah starting tomorrow.
I am like deathly allergic to the penicillin family so whenever I have to give my girls a medicine in this family I worry. This is only the second time though. I think Lilah took penicillin for her ruptured ear drum and now we’ll see if she has any reaction to this.
I had penicillin without any reactions and then one day I had a reaction to it that showed my allergy, so I will probably never consider my girls out of the woods for this allergy. Instead of giving Lilah the medicine tonight I’m waiting until the morning so I can watch for any reaction.
I wonder if my nervousness for a potential allergy will ever go away. I’m seriously nervous about giving her the medicine because I remember how bad my hives were and the itchiness that affected even my eyes and I never want my girls to go through that. In a way I don’t want to give her the medicine, but I know it will do her good and that just because I have the allergy doesn’t mean she will.

Other news about Lilah is she appears to be not sucking her thumb as often or really at all, mostly. This morning she complained about it hurting and I mentioned it might be sore because she sucks it. ( Jon mentioned to me how he’s noticed that she hasn’t been sucking it as often so he doesn’t want to have any negative attention due to sucking the thumb. I was just telling her how it is.) Once Jon mentioned not seeing Lilah suck her thumb as much I realized that I’ve noticed that she doesn’t suck her thumb at nap time and she’s not sucking it as much when we’re watching something or in the car, or when she’s bored. Instead she’ll eat her fingers or her blanket or the stuffed animal she has, which I totally don’t approve of, but this is mostly at nap time, when I think she’s most susceptible to wanting to suck her thumb. I am wondering if it’s a conscious decision or unconscious, but probably a little of both.
I am a little relieved to see her not sucking her thumb as often but that’s only because she’s getting older, though I didn’t mind except when she didn’t want to hold my hand in public because she was sucking her thumb, which is about the only time she’s ever let it get in the way.
We’ve never given her any grief for sucking it because often if a child is teased or discouraged in a negative way from sucking their thumb they will either react two ways, not sucking it anymore or the more common reaction is continuing to suck the thumb due to psychological trauma. As a psych major I know that most thumb sucking past the age of five is due to psychological trauma or emotional trauma, not always but often.
Since neither of our parents, and most of our family members, don’t approve of thumb sucking by toddlers we often had to remind them not to tease Lilah or give her the impression it’s wrong. I’m sure as Eden gets older we’ll have the same small battle.

We let out girls suck their thumbs so they could self sooth and there wasn’t any searching for a pacifier in the night because they lost it while sleeping, though we did have to help them learn to use their thumbs and find them when they were very little.