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Monday, September 24th, 2007

On Saturday when we went to see the nurse practitioner, Lilah’s hives had cleared up a lot so it was the last shot we needed to give her.
Half the blood work was back and they were all negative for the viral infection. 🙂
So we’re still not sure what caused it. 🙁

Lilah’s looking normal and acting normal. She did decide on Sunday that she wanted to take a nap during primary though.
I think I’ll reschedule our pictures for next week because she’ll probably have some pink spots on her face still come Wednesday.

Today I’ve done dishes and cleaned the kitchen a little.
Now that the weather is going cold to warm to cold, like Vegas Falls often start out like, I’m needing to put away some summer clothes and take out some winter clothes.

Lilah is at an awkward stage where size 4 pants are a little big but size 3 pants are a little small.
Eden is wanting new clothes but she gets hand-me-downs, with a couple new things in the mix. They’re new to her. 🙂

Lots of laundry is in my future as I reorganize the clothes.

The girls room is also being taken over by a poopy diaper smell.
It stinks in there so I use a plug in air freshener, but Jon can’t stand it.
I want a new diaper pail and since Eden only poops once a day I think I might put poopy diapers in the outside trash when they happen.
I just can’t stand the poop smell.
Jon says to give the diaper pail a good scrubbing, but it’s been soaking up stinky diaper smell for over 4 years. I think it’s time to get rid of it.

Up note- Carolyn and Derek got a new computer so they’re going to give us their flat screen monitor. Now all I need to is to find a cheap, but sturdy, computer cabinet and maybe someday I will have a fireplace- instead of a desk in front of a fireplace. 🙂

The other problem being I’ll also have to find a good filing cabinet for cheap.

Maybe I should try garage sells.