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You know

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Sometimes you wake up from a dream and think it’s hilarious. I had one of those today.
It may not be as funny right now, but I thought it was funny when my children decided to wake me up shortly after I had it. I think it was  thought after I had the dream that made me laugh besides being a little sleep deprived.

I had a dream where I was in a large warehouse store with a platform type cart. One women was behind me and another was in front of me and we were racing to see who could get the most food for food storage. The women behind me, who was a SNL performer, decided that she would try to run into me. So I would jump up and ride her cart while she angrily, and competitively, pushed me along.

I then had a thought about people competing for who had the most food storage and then I thought it would be funny if people really did compete. “I have 2 years of food storage” “I have 5!” In my sleepy state I thought 5 years would be the winner.

I think my conscious is getting to me. We don’t have 5 months of food storage let alone 5 years. 🙂