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About me

Friday, September 28th, 2007

I’ve updated my ‘About‘ page.
I’m sure many of you visit it because you know nothing about me.

Though I’m not sure who visits my blog since only Andrea comments lately.  (Amber what is the secret to keeping hairholders in your girl’s hair?) Though there was much sympathy for Lilah who is mostly all better. I think she’s itchy day in and day out because she wants more bubble gum medicine, AKA dye free Benedryl for children, not that she has any idea what real bubblegum taste like. Though when Lilah does scratch excessively she still gets welts, and I almost took her to the doctor twice this week because I was being paranoid, with good reason mind you. I saw welts and I thought she was getting the hives again, this was Tuesday, two days after the last steroid shot. I gave her Benedryl and the welts went away, but I had to give her Benedryl every 4 to 5 hours to keep her from scratching and causing welts. Now things are  good and she is weaned from all medicine until the next mishap.

If you scroll down the ‘About‘ page is on the right below ‘Pages’ and before the search feature, as of the current blog format, though I’m looking to change things up since fall is here, kinda.

“Go potty”

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Eden’s close if not ready to be potty trained.  I think.
Once, a while back, she told Jon she needed to use the potty and she did. It had been after Lilah had gone to the bathroom.
Then yesterday she used the potty while in the nursery during Lilah’s class. Two of the other girls her age are already potty trained, so I’m guessing she heard they had to go potty and she decided she had to go to.

She’s also tells me she needs to go potty and once on the toilet nothing happens.
Lately she’s had a diaper rash because I don’t notice her poopy diapers soon enough.(It’s hard when they’re in the bedroom or roaming around and not near me.) I’ve had to put diaper rash cream on her and it seems she always has the urge to go potty after I change her diaper and put cream on her.
I don’t let her because then she’d get cream on the toilet seat, not that I mind since it’s the child seat in the girls bathroom, but then I’d have to clean her up and get her diaper back on.
It just doesn’t jive with me.

I had a really bad experience potty training Lilah. Besides becoming a willful 2 year old, our lives were also troubled by her going to the bathroom 2 minutes after I asked if she needed to go, and it seems that she peed on our living room rug a lot. She also always had to go once put in time out. Even now Lilah tries to use that excuse but we know she can hold it.

I think Eden only partially is really clued into when she has to go to the bathroom.  It’s a bit of a hit and miss.  Also she’s not waking up with dry diapers consistently from nap or bed time.

I really am dreading potty training. It seemed to go on for months with  Lilah, which it did, and I would get so mad when I felt she could control herself but didn’t, or if she waited too long and would have an accident.
I have my fathers patience sometimes. When having to clean pee up all the time, my patience grows thin.

So Eden’s getting close to being out of diapers, which will save us about $35-45 a month.
I try not to compare that two other girls her age are out of diapers, in which I was shocked that they were even being trained before 2 1/2, but they were both highly interested in going to the bathroom.
Eden’s just kinda interested.

Lilah only had two poop incidents when being potty trained, which I am thankful for.
I fear that Eden is less in tune with when she needs to go poop and she’s harder to read.
With Lilah I could notice when she had to go, or was going, and she even was on a pretty good schedule, which when you’re potty training you really start paying attention to when they usually need to go.
With Eden I never know when she’s pooping. I get no visual face cues and she only squats sometimes, but usually because she’s already squatting.

I think I mostly worry about my temper and possibly distancing myself from Eden.
Potty training is so stressful.
I don’t know where to begin with Eden, or when, even though I’ve trained one child. It didn’t work out the best during the training and I know each girl will be different than other.

running at Mt. Charleston

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Here they are racing a little.

Mt. Charleston

Friday, September 28th, 2007

On Wednesday we took an adventure with Julie, Naia, and her step-son Reagan.
We went to the beautiful Mt. Charleston, or cold mountain as Lilah liked to call it.
It really wasn’t that cold. Who knew 62 degrees could be so warm.
I don’t think we made it to Mt. Charleston, more like Lee Canyon.
We just went to some camping grounds to try to eat our food and enjoy some hiking and exploring.

We picked up some Kentucky Fried Chicken and headed towards the mountain.
We tried to eat outside in the beautiful weather but some bee’s or wasps liked our chicken and pretty much swarmed us.
( A swarm consists of more than 4 bees being around our site at once.)
Poor Reagan was totally freaked out by them, as was Julie, and they were both having a hard time, though Julie was trying to not act scared.
My girls were mostly OK unless the bee/ wasp flew around their face.
I suggested we eat in our cars so Julie agreed and we headed back to our original picnic spot. (We went to three different spots before we gave up because of the bees/wasp.)


Eating in the car.



Take a picture of me eating chicken mom!

Eden has proven to be my adventurous child. She would wander off without anyone near her. She did stay in eye range, but only because I kept reminding her to not go to far.




Take a picture of me holding the rock!


Eden, come back here!


We took a hike in the woods. Lilah loved the woods.

Wait, where’d Eden go?



We found a large tree that had been cut down.

This was the best out of the 2 pictures I took.



After being in the woods we decided to take a walk along the road.


They wanted to hold onto the stroller, at first.

Eden and Lilah both wanted to wander into the woods later so we distracted them by making them run to places.



Do these pants make my diaper look big?


Lilah’s hives came out a little with the running so we made her walk with us as Reagan and Eden ran ahead.

We had a fun day.

Eden slept for the 45 minutes home and decided that was enough nap for the day. Lilah never took a nap. In fact I think she’s going on nap strike.