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Friday, November 9th, 2007

I bought some regal tickets/ gift tickets at Costco not to long ago.
I thought we could use them for a movie date, since we agreed we’d go see Elizabeth: The Golden Age.
Well, Elizabeth: The Golden Age is not playing at Regal cinema’s, but Century. So uh, I think someone will be getting movie tickets as a gift because we’re pretty choosy about what we see in the theater.
I’ve already given a set to Judy as a thank you for helping me while Lilah was having her hives episode.

Yeah, that’s life.
On an up note I went shopping on Wednesday and I’m gonna look really cute for Jon tonight wearing my new clothes and shoes.
I guess it’s nice to dress up for your husband every-once in a while.

Of course he says I’m cute no matter what, but I know he enjoys the hair and makeup done Lacey too.

Let me correct this. We do have one regal theater playing the movie we want to see but it’s 16 miles away from us, one way, so what money we saved in getting the tickets from Costco we spend in gas and break even, unless we use my free ticket from a time I gave blood.
16 miles away though. I love and hate living in a big city.