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Christmas gifts

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

One thing my mom gives us married people every Christmas is one or two Cutco knives or other Cutco gadgets. ( I love Cutco.)
We’re so close this year to having a full knife set, or at least the basic knife set.
Heck, I don’t even care if we get the last knife, or spatula spreader,  I just want the block to put my knives in and use. (I’m strange and have wanted to get the whole set before we used any.)
Besides knives we’ve also receive a pizza cutter and vegetable peeler, seriously the best pizza cutter or veggie peeler you could ever have.
And then baking stuff, like spatulas and serving stuff. ( I forget I have a huge spatula that would be lovely for frosting large cakes but it’s tucked away with the knives for future use once I get the block.)
I really hope my mom got the hint in my e-mail and gets us the block to put the knives in because I would love to get rid of one of the knife sets on my counter. ( I won’t say which one. And yes we have two knife sets, soon to be three if I get my wish. We got two for wedding gifts. One is a new one, well five years old now and whatever cutlery brand you get a Target and the other is a Union Pacific set that I wanted more for sentimental value that is from Jon’s parents, but Jon didn’t like having only one butcher knife and he pulled them out a while back. Though we really only use the butcher knife out of that set and when I say we, I mean him.)

Anyways, as I’m typing this I have the knives in their boxes on my computer desk. Whenever I pull them out to survey what we have and let my mom know, it reminds me how sharp they are and how dull my current knives are.
A block to put them in would be the perfect Christmas gift.
I want sharp knives to use this new year.