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Sunday, December 9th, 2007

This weekend we kept out of Jon’s hair so he could study and write his term paper. (Something that is hard to do at a library and nicer to do from home, but as he said, he can’t study with kids around and admires those who can. Thanks honey.)
Lilah had a primary activity in the morning on Saturday so I just went and took Eden along.
We were in a group of mostly boys between the ages of 8-11. Some girls were added later on, also between 8 and 11, but I was glad that I stayed so Lilah didn’t get lost in all the traveling to room to room.
After the activity we came home and ate lunch.
Once Carolyn got off of work we went to her house to make some cookies. ( I invited myself and the girl’s on Friday knowing that Jon would need space.)
We made some carrot cake cookies, very yummy and some sugar cookies.
The girls were good at rolling the cake cookies.
We let the girls decorate their own sugar cookie and eat it. After watching them decorate their own cookie I decided Carolyn and I should do the rest.
(Lilah was piling all our white frosting on her snowman. We had to take some away to have any for the other snowmen and snowflakes.)
I do have a few pictures, but since my hands were mostly dirty I didn’t take any.
I mostly wanted to get the cookies made and clean up so we wouldn’t be there too late.

These pictures are by Carolyn.


A chair after Lilah was helping to make cookies.

Carolyn and the girls played while I got frosting made and the sugar cookies ready to cut out.


Where’s Lilah.




They loved what Carolyn’s couch did to their hair.

Today we’ve been home. Jon came home after Sacrament and had those two hours to himself.
I took a nap while Eden was taking hers and Lilah stayed up and watched a movie while Jon studied.

Tomorrow I’m making truffles. A lot of truffles so the girls will probably be glued to the TV, fighting, or possibly getting along with one another in their bedroom, but probably making a mess in the process.

It should be interesting.