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Yearly truffle making

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

So I did popcorn on Sunday night and the truffles today. The girls were actually pretty good and only in the afternoon was the TV on.
Lilah liked to watch me do things and was there to lick up any stray chocolate that got on the counter.
At one point she was relieved of her chocolate counter licking duty when she was getting in the way and trying to lick things like the spoon I still needed. She wasn’t too happy. Plus I’m not having her take regular naps so she becomes pretty sensitive.

So I made about 150 truffles.
I did have some difficulty when a batch of the candy melts were terrible and not looking nice as the coated the truffle. It had an oily separated look, so I made a lot of chocolate covered almonds with that chocolate and a went through a few bowls trying to figure out what was wrong.
Jon has 25 things of chocolate covered popcorn and 25 bags of truffles, each containing one of each truffle I made, and I did 5 kinds.
He has a lot of people at work to give them to. The list became so long because Jon would want to give some to a person in one office but they share the office with other people he knows and somewhat works with so he feels obligated to give a some to the whole office. Hopefully he has enough. He gave me 22 names and he has 3 to work with.

I’m just happy the day is over and the dishes are washed. (All our bowls had been used so I had to do dishes tonight so we could have something to eat from tomorrow.)

For tomorrow Christmas shopping and cutting out snowflakes for our window.