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Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

For New Year’s EveĀ  we went to my friend Anna’s house and played a game with her, her husband and another couple they socialize with.
It was fun. The girls had fun playing with her doll house which had lots of accessories to it.
We left a little bit after 10pm, came home and put the girls into bed.
We started our movie at 11. (Catch Me If You Can, which I just love and got for Christmas from Carolyn.)We paused briefly to watch a local channel ring in the New year.
We argued over who should get out of our warm blanket and get the glasses and sparkling cider.
We kissed at midnight and the girls blissfully slept the night and new year away, at least until Eden had a bad dream early in the morning.

This is probably the first year in about three that we were actually awake at midnight instead of falling asleep and waking up after the fact.

We all slept in late.
We ate breakfast at 10:30, even though the girls had been up since about 8:45 but Jon and I were just too tired.

I was getting annoyed by the large tree so I also undecorated the tree today and Jon took it down this evening.
Our house feels so big now and we can all fit at the table again instead of banishing Eden and her high chair to the outer circle of the dining room.

We have tons of trash because we forgot to take it out the Wednesday after Christmas and that same Saturday. (This is what happens when Jon doesn’t leave the house regularly.)
So we still have Christmas trash and what piles up over 2 weeks.
Happy New Year to our trash guys!

I’m happy to have the new year.
Things I want to improve upon:
Taking vitamins daily.
This is a strange goal, but I was on vitamin strike for a period of time because I had to take prenatal for so long or about 4 years straight. (pregnant then nursing, pregnant then nursing. I was just not wanting to take vitamins anymore. ) Jon takes vitamins like fish oil and lechitin and I need to take calcium because I think my teeth are weakening not to mention my bones. So fun.

Another goal I have is to exercise my mind and I want to work through one of my college math books to do that.
We’ll see how it goes but I partially just want to do things like memorize the times table and gain my grasp of simple math once more and I want to do more complex math so I know I still have some intelligence.
I feel like my mind has gone down hill since I haven’t had to exercise it in the academic way and I use to be pretty good at doing things in my mind when now I feel like I pull out the calculator for any little thing, though sometimes it’s just to make sure I did the math correctly in my mind.

Those are my only two improvements that I want to write down.
We’ll see how they go.