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Stuff I was able to do because I stayed awake at 7:15 this morning

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Cuddle and play with Lilah and Eden for a little bit.
Call animal control for the cat we caught last night. (This one was skinny and more temperamental. I think it was a true stray cat.)
Get dressed- which was good because animal control was at my house at 8 am. (They’re only a few streets down from my house.)
Get the girls and myself breakfast.
Get the girls dressed and to the library to return the video that was due Saturday.
Go to the grocery store for a few items. (We’re having a yummy turkey meatloaf tonight!)
Get gas in the car.
Come home.
Call Quest Diagnostic on the $220 bill they sent us that was not billed to our insurance.
IM with Jon. ( Dinner was suppose to be a surprise, but he’ll read this and know we’re for sure we’re not having moose. )
Return call to dentist to confirm appointment for tomorrow.
Call Campbell’s about our watery clam chowder. Reimbursement coming in 7-10 days. Yay!

And all this was done before 11:15 am.

Now I’m so hungry because I ate at 8am instead of 9.

Things I still need to do today in no particular order:

Make hearts with the girls to hang on our window
Fold mountain of clothes.
Put flannel sheets on my bed that I washed last Monday.
Wash our clothes. (halfway done)
Wash our sheets from our bed.
Do dishes in the sink.
Change water for the class fish.
Make lunch.
Get stuff ready for making truffles with the Jewitt’s tomorrow.
Plan lesson for this Thursday. (I won’t have time Tuesday or Wednesday.)

Things we’re doing special for valentines:
Hearts for our house.
Muddy Buddies party mix to give with valentines on Thursday. (Thanks for making me crave them Mary.)
Truffles with the Jewitt’s on Tuesday.
Heart chocolates for the class on Thursday, we might make them as part of the lesson though.
Red velvet cake for Valentine’s day.

It’s only Monday and I’m tired already, but that might be from getting up at a normal time.

Computer Savvy

Friday, February 8th, 2008

So I’m not very computer savvy.
In fact I’m like an old dog, I hate new computer tricks, though I’m not bad, I’m just not good. (Jon can attest to how I hate being taught computer stuff and how I always take the long route cause it’s what I know best. )

Anyways, I was messing around in my Windows Photo Gallery and I realized I could make movies!
So I’m putting Lilah’s gymnastics program up from December.
It was 4 different clips and I’ve tied them all together.

I feel so smart.

Enjoy her cuteness.

Neighborhood cats

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I think I’ve mentioned how we have a/ some neighborhood cats that come and poop in our yard and sandbox.
We’ll we’ve finally done something about it.

We bought a cage to catch the cat(s) and within two days we’ve got one.
I’m going to call animal control Friday morning to hopefully have them haul it away soon.

It has no collar, so I don’t feel too bad.
It is a nuisance to have it’s pee killing our grass during the green months and poop where I want my children to play.

Lilah was excited at the thought of catching a cat. She wanted to pet it, but we reminded her we don’t pet animals we don’t know and even though we’re catching the cat we’re not keeping it.

Since we bought the cage I’m thinking of renting it out on Craiglists. (With the humane society it was a $100 deposit and $10 a day.)
I figure a refundable deposit worth what we bought the cage for, so if they keep it we’re not out any money, plus just $5 or $10 total for using it, and until we run out of cat food we’ll even throw that in too.

My friend Anna has a couple strays she wants to have caught that come around her house so I already have my first costumer, though I wouldn’t charge her.

Lilah says

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

“We should hang a sign on our door that says ‘No Bad People Allowed’, then they won’t come into our house.”

“We should get me a sword so I can fight the bad people and they won’t be able to hurt me.”
(She was obsessed with bad people for a while.)

“You need to shower”
(This is usually in the morning and I honestly think it because of morning breath. Once I brush my teeth she’s fine with the way I smell. )

“You’re getting too old to carry me.”
( I admit I have said that she is heavy and I’m getting old. One time she was dead weight and was not wanting help and she became a very heavy 4 year old, but she said this while I was twirling her around easily in the air.)

“You are getting old because you have lines on your face.”
I ask “Where are the lines that make me look old, by my eyes, my mouth?”
She answers “Everywhere.”

Husband Tagged

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

(I apologize for the weird tiny font, it just does not want to become uniform easily and I’m lazy. )

I was tagged by my niece Shauntae to answer these questions about my hubby.

What is his name?
Jonathan, Jon, Daddy, Hunny Bunny (my favorite.)

How long have you been married?

On the 23rd it will be 6 years

How long did you date?

dated 1 month, engaged 5 months

How old is he?


Who eats more?

usually him, but sometimes me

Who said I love you first?
I think he did.

Who is smarter?
Overall he is, but I am smarter in certain areas.

Whose temper is worse?
Mine, he tries to not get upset, which sometimes upsets me.

Who does laundry?
Both of us. If it needs to get done we do it. If it needs to get folded, he usually folds it.

Who does the dishes?
I do the most during the week he does them on weekends.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

As of right now I am, but when I was pregnant and we had only a full sized bed he did because I couldn’t sleep on my left side facing in towards the bed because of the way our bed sank. Now that we’re in a queen and it doesn’t sink I don’t care. I sleep on the right because it’s closest to the door and I try to help the girls during the weeknights so Jon can get a good nights rest.

Who pays the bills?

He does.

Who cooks dinner?

Who drives when you are together?

He does usually, but I do occasionally.

Whose parents do you see the most?

Mine. It seems like someone is always sick when we want to see his.

Who proposed?

He proposed but I was the one who suggested we get married.

Who has more friends?

I do

Who has more siblings?
He does

Who wears the pants in the family?

Uh, we both wear pants. I throw the most temper tantrums, does that count?

I added-
Something weird he does?
If he’s going to blog about something he’ll tell me to just read the blog rather than tell me and then write the blog anyways.
I on the other hand tell him, sometimes multiple times, and blog about it and expect him to read it!

I tag: Andrea, Elizabeth, Mary, Fallon, and Anna

Time killer

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I’m hooked

So Jon found this game chainfactor.

I play it like all the time.

It’s my new way to kill time.

I like the basic mode. It seems like I’m more focus when I don’t have to think about ways to get out of the problem and I’ve gotten up to 212,000 and some odd number in the basic setting. Jon’s gotten to 222,000 and some odd number, at least while playing in my desktop.
It’s fun.

I <3 AAA. ( I heart AAA, or I love AAA. So my posterity knows what it means.)

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

So not too long ago I did a post about AAA coming to our rescue on a date.  (OK 18 days ago.)
Today I was a bit air heady and needed them once again.

I was loading my Costco kill of $120, yuck, into my trunk. ( I bought flannel sheets just for you honey.)
One box was heavy and with the keys in my hand and a hurt finger I was having trouble lifting it. Besides the fact I’m short and had to stand on my tip toes to get leverage to pick the box up. (Apparently I’m also weak.)
I dropped my keys into the trunk because the jeans I’m wearing are tight in the pocket area and it was easier to just drop them in the trunk.
I finished loading and I shut the trunk.

Oh my gosh I just shut the trunk and my keys are in there!

I called Jon at work. He was in a meeting and didn’t answer his phone.

I called my sister Kristi. I didn’t know what to do. She was home, but her car was at work from earlier that day when she almost fainted and needed Howard to pick her up because she wasn’t up to driving.

Darn it.

My mom was to be there later but we didn’t know when.
She mentioned how she has AAA and  they could open the car for me, which gives me access to the trunk release.

Wait I have AAA. They open locked cars?!?

So of course I call AAA.

Luckily I had bought a berry smoothie at Costco and the girls were occupied in sharing fighting over it while we waited. The AAA dispatcher found it funny when I was reprimanding them and telling them to share.
While we waited Lilah also said we were having a hard day. I tried to convince her it wasn’t that bad and waiting wasn’t a big deal.

I was thankful because we didn’t have to wait long and I was sitting in my car starting it 15 minutes after making the call and that includes buckling in two girls.

I <3 AAA.

On a side note. I have a pair of jeans that appears to be destined for wearing dairy products.
Last time I wore them I dropped a bagel and caught it between by hips and the counter top, cream cheese facing me. ( Yes I still ate it. My jeans were clean and why go through the trouble of trying to catch it if I’m not gonna eat it. )
Today as I ate my yogurt too much was apparently on my spoon, but it was not apparent to me until it dropped into my lap.
Now I smell like cherries.

Three times the charm

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

So Lilah is sick today.
She has a fever.
Go figure.
I could have gone to church, but for whatever reason I felt I should be home today. (I guess it was the fact that Lilah wanted to stay and cuddle in bed with me rather than watch TV and I wanted to stay and cuddle with her rather than get up.)
I’m letting Jon visit the Unitarian Church today.
It just seems easier to have it happen on a day where I don’t have to explain why my husband isn’t at church with me and my two daughters, though I wouldn’t of had either of my daughters with me today and he if he likes the church I’ll probably have to say it eventually since he’ll be going at least once a month.
Eden is not sick, but she still has a horrible sounding cough and since Lilah is sick and it just happened last night, I felt that she’d be likely to spread her sisters germs.

How many Sundays till you’re considered inactive?