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Neighborhood cats

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I think I’ve mentioned how we have a/ some neighborhood cats that come and poop in our yard and sandbox.
We’ll we’ve finally done something about it.

We bought a cage to catch the cat(s) and within two days we’ve got one.
I’m going to call animal control Friday morning to hopefully have them haul it away soon.

It has no collar, so I don’t feel too bad.
It is a nuisance to have it’s pee killing our grass during the green months and poop where I want my children to play.

Lilah was excited at the thought of catching a cat. She wanted to pet it, but we reminded her we don’t pet animals we don’t know and even though we’re catching the cat we’re not keeping it.

Since we bought the cage I’m thinking of renting it out on Craiglists. (With the humane society it was a $100 deposit and $10 a day.)
I figure a refundable deposit worth what we bought the cage for, so if they keep it we’re not out any money, plus just $5 or $10 total for using it, and until we run out of cat food we’ll even throw that in too.

My friend Anna has a couple strays she wants to have caught that come around her house so I already have my first costumer, though I wouldn’t charge her.