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In bloom

Monday, February 25th, 2008

The flowers Jon sent me are so beautiful and are in full bloom. I though I’d take a picture.


This one is with the flash.



This one is in natural light and really the color we see.

Also here are some pictures of my hair.

To show how light it is I’ve posted one of my natural hair color which was taken at Zarina’s blessing in December and I happen to be wearing the same shirt. ( I guess it is one of my favorite shirts.)




I told her to be bold with the highlights and this is what she did. I wanted to do more red, but the light brown is fun, I’m just not sure if I like it.

I really like having dark hair and fair skin and Carolyn says this coloring makes me look more tan, I also look a lot more like her which is freaky according to Derek. (He cracks me up. )
She also didn’t cut bangs because they don’t go with this hair cut, but I’m fine with that.

I think I need to get a larger round brush and some smoother stuff for my hair.

Also Lilah’s response to my shorter hair, she doesn’t like it and yesterday she noticed the highlights and said my hair had funny stuff in it.

Oh well.


Our Anniversary.

Monday, February 25th, 2008

So Jon made a delicious breakfast of french toast, sausage and some orange juice.
Then after some hanging out we got the girls ready for a birthday party.
After we dropped them off we saw Juno, which we both enjoyed.

Later that day we left the girls with Beth, or Sis. Jewitt, since in a last minute decision her daughters went out of town with their father.
She gave them some necklaces to win them over since her daughters weren’t there to play with them.

We ate at Austin’s inside Texas Station.
It was delicious and absolutely the best filet mignon I have ever had, though I don’t eat filet minion very often, but it was so good.
Since we had a gift card to help with the cost we spared no expense. It really was delicious, but a lot more than we would ever regularly spend or have ever spent.

We picked the girls up and retired home.

It was a wonderful anniversary and I loved spending time with my husband.