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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Jon’s taking the last two weeks off in May….So we’re finally going to paint our bedroom! (Shh, don’t tell him or he may not take the time off.)

Now we’ve lived in the house for nearly three years and haven’t painted, even though the walls are not a bad color, they’re just not me and they’re the same in every room, except the bathrooms. (We’ve never painted because of the amount of stuff we have and it’s all heavy stuff.)

I’m so excited and overwhelmed at the same time.

Andrea and Brien have the exact pattern for their curtains as we do, and they did a blue in their room with an accent wall.

I’m also wanting to do blue. The curtains have an obviously green color to the pattern, with some blue, brown and cream, so I want blue, but I want a lighter blue then they have. Our room is usually on the darker side and the lighting has a tendency to yellow the room. I open the curtains during the spring, but not during the summer because it gets too hot.

So I’m mostly worried about how the lighting will affect the color of the room or the paint I pick.

I’ve also never painted.

I’m a little worried since I’ve never painted and I tend to be a perfectionist.

I will also be doing most of the work and Jon’s job will be to move his books and help me move any other heavy stuff and then to watch the girls.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time. Jon also wants an accent wall, but I’m just not sure what color I would do and which wall.

I also need to do tons more organizing so the room’s halfway neat before I move everything around, otherwise it will be total chaos during and after painting.

Luckily Jon’s also wanting to simplify our lives, to some degree, so we’re both allowing more purging to happen of ‘things we may need in the future, but are pretty cheap to replace so might as well let someone else use them if they need it now and get it out of our house’.

Like I swear he wanted us to keep our two desk lamps that were given as wedding presents and don’t match ’cause they were given by two different people and one we didn’t register for, but he says I wanted to keep them. Neither of us care now so it’s bye bye lamps, you’re taking up too much space and are only worth $15 when bought new anyways. OK, may they were worth more, but if we’re in this house for a long time we won’t need them and hopefully whatever house we move too won’t need them either.

I’ve got so much to do still.

In other good news. We might get the table that we refinished from his parents out and used. I found the brackets online that we need to set it up, we lost them somewhere along the way of refinishing and never setting it up, and now we just need to measure and order. That will free up space under our bed and in our closet! And then I can work on refinishing the chairs and we’ll have a descent looking table set. It’s only been nearly 4 four years since we’ve started this project. (I know we are such wonderful do it yourselfers.)