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In the night a stranger appears.

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Last night we went to bed really late. Jon was watching a film and I hate going to bed without him so I waited and watched with him.

We got settled into bed, it was after midnight, and then we hear something.

It was on Jon’s side of the bed and I wasn’t sure what the noise was or who was making it since our room is nearly pitch black at nighttime.

Jon rolls over and I call his name.


I still hear the weird noise



I jump up and go to turn on the light but our ceiling fan is on, so the switch was no help to me. I’m a little freaked out at this point and he finally responds.

“It’s a cat.”

“A cat?”

I turn the hallway light on and sure enough he has a cat in his hands.
The noise we heard was the cat clawing at the bed sheets to get up on the bed, but for all I knew my husband was playing a cruel joke on me or someone was attacking him since he wasn’t answering me.

Here’s the amusing part, if you don’t think finding a strange cat in your bedroom, in the middle of the night, is funny enough.

Jon leaves the back door open to let cool air in. Our master bedroom is how you get to our backyard.
Just the other week I told him that he needs to shut the door at night when not in there because a cat might come into the house.

(He wanted to keep it open all night, with a bar in the door so the door couldn’t be opened more than six inches and no adult could fit through, but it’s still freaky to think someone might try, especially on nights when you hear the search helicopter going around your neighborhood. Have I said how we live in a ghetto area of town?)

So my reason of closing the door in case a cat came in sounded far fetched, so I also gave the reason of bugs coming in which he respected a little more.

Last night was one of the few times I’ve ever said ‘I told you so’ to Jon. (We try not to rub things into each others faces unless it’s something crazy like last night.)
Back to last night.

We then discuss what to do with it. We decided to just put it outside since the cat cage was in the shed.

The cat hung out on our porch.

We decided we should get the cage to catch it, since it was hanging out and had already come into the house once.

He approached me as I stood at the door and tried to come in again, but he left once he saw the cage.

We set the cage and this morning we had caught a cat.

It was a different cat.

I looked outside and we had a black cat in the cage and there on the porch was the one who had come into the house.

Jon says it’s stalking us. I tell him some might say it’s adopted us.
It’s a tame cat and when the girls went to check out the cat in the cage through the sliding glass door the invader cat came up to the door and was wanting in.

They were cute telling me how much the cat liked them and how nice it probably was, though Lilah still said how we never pet an animal we don’t know ’cause it might bite.
So the cage it set once more and the door is not to be left open unless someone is outside or in the room.

It was a really strange night.

Can I negotiate that?

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Last week one of the counselors in the bishopric started talking to me in the hallway. I expected him to ask me to meet with him, since he had mentioned giving me a calling to Jon but Jon told him to just talk to me, instead he asked if I would be a teacher for the Sunday School and teach Gospel Essentials. I was caught off guard for a couple of reasons. One, it was in the hallway. Two, a sister in our ward was just called to be the Gospel Essentials teacher that day.
Our conversation went similar to this:

me: Gospel Essentials? Are you sure sister Burns was just called to that today?
him: Well, we’re thinking of having you team teach.
Subconsciously I respond with a slight frown because you don’t meet many people in Gospel Essentials and I really wanted a calling that would help me meet more people.
Him: Would you rather teach something else?
me: Well, I enjoy teaching Gospel Doctrine, but I can teach Essentials.
Another man in the ward: You know Sis. Koch could use some relief as Gospel Doctrine teacher.

It was just strange. He left knowing I would prefer teaching Gospel Doctrine and as I sat in class I felt really bad.

I had negotiated my calling.

I couldn’t find that counselor after class, but I found the other counselor and told him what happened. I let him know that I hadn’t meant to negotiate my calling, I was just a little confused at first, and that I’d be willing to teach Gospel Essentials.

Today I was called as Gospel Essentials teacher and another brethren was called as Gospel Doctrine teacher.

Funny kids.

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

“I don’t want to smell your bum!!” This is what Lilah was telling Eden when Eden wasn’t going to wear pajama pants to bed. By the way if we’re at home half the time she doesn’t wear pants during the day ’cause the whole potty training thing.

“I’m gonna throw you to the ceiling. Oops, I missed.” Eden said while throwing teddy into the air and then landed on the floor.

“I was frustrated.” Eden said this after being frustrated about something, I just thought it was cute.

“Anyways” How Eden closed a story she was telling me.

“Ey, yi yi.” Eden said this during a short awaking in the middle of her nap. I asked her why she said it and she told me she thought she was still at Britta’s but she was really home. (The girls had been there for 5 hours, two of which I was there talking with Sam, and Eden went down for her nap right after we got home.)