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Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

This is going to be the birthday post for May. Jon and I both had our birthdays so here’s what we did.

Jon didn’t like my idea of bowling so we went to the Springs Preserve for his birthday. Lilah had gone earlier in the week with Britta so she was a pro at showing us around.


Getting ready to hit the road.



Posing for a picture in the “canyons”.




The lizards were fascinating.





Jon was looking at Eden for this shot and Lilah was looking at me.



Jon likes stopping and moving the stone.



I’m tired of walking.


I’m happy to walk.



In the garden demonstration area.




Playing with the oranges in the trash place. (This was Lilah’s favorite and we didn’t find it until on our way back from the gardens. It was about recycling and energy use.)

We spent most of the day at the Springs Preserve and the girls and I got Jon’s cake in the oven after we came home.



Lilah choose the blue sprinkles and Eden choose the orange.

Happy Birthday Honey!

For my birthday we went bowling. They didn’t have a shoe for Eden in her size, the smallest size they had for children was 9 and Eden wears a 6 1/2. Eden started crying and the nice attendant let us use a size 9 on Eden free of charge. She did wear them even though I was sure she was going to trip and fall a few times, but she always caught herself.

The battery went low after I caught these few shoots.



 Lilah had a blast.

Even before we left she was talking about how much she was gonna love bowling.



I don’t remember the scores but Eden and Jon actually got a strike and I’m pretty sure Eden’s score was higher than mine and Jon’s was the highest.

After bowling Jon and the girls baked my cake and I took a nap.


Then for dinner I picked us up a pizza, that’s what’s on Lilah’s face.


It was a fun birthday.