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Excitement and sadness

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Well, I got an e-mail today and…

… Lilah and I are in the play!!


… Poor Eden did not make the cut.

Her shyness was just too much, which I knew would be a factor, but I did not want to discourage her and have her fail because I said she would fail. I wanted her to fail or succeed on her own accord.

I knew the dancing portion was going to be the hard part and it was. Eden hates dancing for some reason and I tried to prepare her the best I could, but she did not want to dance and combined with being soft spoken and not making any eye contact in the singing portion she was not put in the play.

Eden’s pretty saddened by the news, but I hope that after growing and having more experiences she’ll be better prepared for next years audition if she wants to still audition. In a way I see a lot of me in Eden. A desire to want to be on stage and perform, but too shy to actually perform, though she is just 3 1/2 and has many years to grow so I’ll keep encouraging her and helping her the best way I can.

I was hoping last nights casting calls was mostly for the main people and not everyone, but I couldn’t help but feel rejected since I hadn’t heard anything and it seemed all arrows pointed to no.

I’m happy we weren’t rejected, but I went through so many emotions and I hope to really learn from it. I hate to go out and try something unless I have a surety that it will happen. I just hate taking risks, but for two days I felt like I had failed both me and Lilah and it was heartbreaking.

Lilah may not get her pool party till July, but we will still have a pool party for the cute little munchkin! ( And I’m a Ozian if anyone cares.)