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Lilah’s Parts

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Saturday was the first day of practicing for Lilah. I sat next to her to help her hear the melodies and read the words up to the speed of the song. She did quite well and was very good for the whole practice overall.

She was assigned to be one of the Lullaby League Girls, which also will maker her a snowflake girl later on in the play.

The flying monkeys have yet to be determined because the director wants to make sure those kids are listening and not goofing off. Lilah wants to be a flying monkey so she can run and jump across the stage, though I’m not sure if they do that, and so she was very well behaved after the director made that announcement.

I know Lilah can be well behaved and I’m pretty sure she’ll get to be a flying monkey too.

The dates of the play are: June 17, 18, 20, 22-27. Just so you all know and can block out a night in June to come see the cutest Lullaby girl!

Family night is June 16th, so if you can’t afford to buy a ticket let me know and I can see if I can hook you up for that night, though I won’t know how many tickets I get till later. Tickets will be around $12 a seat and on the group nights, Mon-Thurs $8 if you buy 10 or more on their website, which I’ll post once it’s open to let you buy tickets later in April or May.

All proceeds benefit the Senior Citizens of the Las Vegas Valley.