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Last one, I promise.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

I know my life is so exciting that I’ve already done 4 posts in one day, but this is the last one because I think it’s fun, or you might get a kick out of my big head.

Lilah fell asleep for the last half hour of Little Buddha and wanted to finish watching it today before I mailed it off. I didn’t have time till it was 2 and I wanted to watch it with her in case she had any questions or comments on what went on. I thought putting it in the mail at 2:30 would be fine because our mailman, or lady depending on the day of the week, comes between 2-5 pm, though usually not until 3 at the earliest. I got our Netflix together and the Neilson’s TV survey we had just finished and walked over to my mailbox to mail them. As I was approaching the mailbox I heard a horn honk, and even though I’m not exactly looking hot in my yoga pants and pink t-shirt and I haven’t been honked at in like 10 years, I thought it was just some random car honking as they went by and then I realized the car had pulled up behind me. I looked and it was my mail lady. She had already come but saw me heading to the mail box and was willing to take the mail I needed to be mailed. The Neilson’s survey was not saved, but already in the box, but I was able to save the Netflix which means we should have one for Saturday rather than Monday. I just love my mail lady and maybe I’ll pay more attention to who honks at me next time, though I’m not sure it’s gonna happen again anytime soon. 😉

I promise it’s the last one today

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Anna said she knew my lost ring was an April Fool’s joke when I posted more than one post in a day. Obviously, she must not keep track that I do more than one post in a day at times. 😉 Like today on a day when I have my brain slowly leaking from my nose. OK, my brain is not leaking from my nose, but other things are and my head aches from the sinus pressure and I have a sore throat from  having to breath with my mouth open all night long. My friend Beth says I should try some claritan or seasonal allergy medicine. I really want to but I don’t have any at home and the thought of going outside is still daunting. It’s not so windy today but the allergy levels are still high and I need to go so many places that if I visit one store I’ll probably buy everything I need and waste some money.

Plus Lilah has a runny nose her cough still sounds terrible and even though it sounds a little better, since I know what it use to sound like, it still sounds like death is in her chest, plus she’s coughing more frequently today. She has practice tonight so my only goal for the day is to attend that and take a shower. Preferably  I’ll take the shower before we go to practice.

We wanted to go camping this weekend as a little family but an overnighter is not in our forecast. A day hike will have to do and maybe being out of the city will help our allergies.

Note to Andrea and Brien: You must go camping with us when you visit next or the girls will be very disappointed since we’re not able to go as a family this weekend and that’s my only other weekend off from play practice.


Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Last year we had butterflies for our spring experiment, this year after long debate we got ladybug larva. Insect Lore sent us a magazine that Lilah looked through everyday all day long and decided she desperately wanted frog eggs, but we had no where to put the frogs and the American bullfrogs that had more of a place to live eat live things like bugs and mice and lived for way longer than we wanted. Lilah than decided on a praying mantis egg, then earthworms and finally she decided, and stuck to her decision, that she wanted the ladybug land with ladybug eggs, but they were in the larva stage when we got them on Tuesday.

Here is our ladybug land on Wednesday. They had paper in the little vile type container and their food looks like some sort of corn meal. I can’t wait till the larva become pretty ladybugs. They larva stage of the ladybug is nicknamed alligators since they have such long tails and look like alligators.

2 down 18 to go.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Lilah lost her second tooth yesterday! It was hanging on by just the front of the tooth and so all day I was encouraging her to pull, or twist it out since she twisted out her first one. Sometime during Cyberchase Lilah twisted it out so now she has a nice somewhat toothless smile.

The Tooth Fairy gave Lilah a nice dollar bill this time. Lilah had her head directly over the spot her tooth was and the fairy was worried she was going to wake Lilah up.  I also wrote a note on the baggy to tell the Tooth Fairy that the tooth was fragile and not to mail it unless it said fragile on it. Lilah’s first tooth got broken in the mail sorter and was returned in four pieces in the baggy.

She getting too big, though I can’t wait to see the new teeth grow in.

What if I were gone?

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

…But I’m not talking about in the creepy dead way.

Yesterday my friend Sam picked up bread and eggs for me from Trader Joe’s, the two things I needed, since I had 4 slices of bread left and eggs are always being used around here. Now my trip to Trader Joe’s can wait till next week. Hooray!

Anyways, Sam brought the groceries to me while Eden was sleeping. Eden being the observant girl she is since I was too lazy to put the bread away and left the bag on the ground in front of our cupboard asked if I had gone to the store while she was sleeping. I told her no because that would have meant that I left her home alone and I would never leave her home alone. Then I took it a little farther into a lesson asking her what she would do if she woke up and no one was home. Eden told me she’d find the police. (We’ve been talking a lot about stranger danger and people danger overall lately.) Since I had just read a blog by my friend Amber where she found a wandering 3 year old on a busy street, I pictured Eden going outside to find the police and being ran over or something terrible happening. Truth be told our doors are hard to open and Eden has yet to open our front door without Lilah’s help, so I’m not too worried that she’s going to go wander the streets unless something terrible does happen and the door is left open. Anyways,  I finally taught my girls about dialing 911 yesterday so they would know how to contact the police if they were home alone or is something terrible had happened to me or Jon. I’ve mentioned 911 to Lilah before, but yesterday I had them practice dialing it, since you can dial on our phone and then hit talk for it to really dial it. I emphasized that they could get in trouble if they dialed 911 without it being an emergency and since my girls don’t even answer the phone, they ignore it or bring the phone to me if it’s by them, I’m not too worried about them calling 911.
In fact my worry will be if they remember how to use the phone if a real emergency happens.