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Most patient children in the world

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

My girls are so patient. They were given a basket full of candy and in wrapping, like one you could buy at the store, but since it’s not Easter we’re making them wait to open it, and they don’t even mind. It’s not like they don’t like candy so the basket doesn’t matter to them. They like candy but are willing to save their baskets till the Easter Bunny sees them. I think it helps that they’re only allowed one piece of candy a day and we have some in the cupboard from an Easter egg hunt at Carolyn’s work earlier this week.

It’s funny, I just typed this and Lilah just asked when she can open it. I said tomorrow and she said she wanted to open it today. I think she’ll ask one or two more times, but will get over it. I just don’t want the candy chaos to really start till tomorrow.  I still think she’s patient though, even if she carries the basket around all day wanting to open it. As long as she doesn’t whine too much I don’t care.