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Tax Day

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Yesterday Carolyn’s co-worker mentioned how the Post Office was giving free tickets to the Shark Reef if you mailed your taxes at Mandalay Bay. She remembered that the Shark Reef field trip was canceled on us last month and thought maybe I’d want to mail her taxes for her and get the free tickets. Even though it was a crazy day both weather wise and I had lots I needed to do, I wanted to seize the opportunity to get free tickets, or ticket really, so I could take the girls there. ( The person who organized the Shark Reef trip has since left the group and I’m pretty sure we’re not going in the foreseeable future and the girls desperately wanted to go.)

Luckily it was so easy to get the ticket. I expected it to be harder. I just parked and then went up to the mobile post office and had them weigh the mail to make sure it had the correct postage, it was 33 cents short so Carolyn should be thankful I did have them weigh it, though it was more that I didn’t know if they were giving the tickets at the drop boxes so I went to the main truck. Then they gave me a ticket per return. I wish I had taken my dad’s return with me too so I could have gotten two and then we could have gone as a family. At least now it will only cost me $10.95 to go to the Shark Reef instead of $27.90 to take the girls there.

It sounds like they did this last year too, so if you owe money next year this might be a fun reason to hold off mailing your taxes till April 15th.

I hope you had a happy tax day, because I did.