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5 Things

Monday, April 27th, 2009

1. To be free of my yucky sinus infection. (Jon and I can sleep in the same bed again now that I’m not snoring anymore!)
2. Afternoons at the park.
3. The earth and all the wonderful things is supplies us so we can survive.
4. Baby smiles.
5. Friends willing to help me make costumes for the play or watch my kids so I can make costumes for the play.

Manic Monday

Monday, April 27th, 2009

On Monday’s I usually clean my house, well the hope is I tidy my house up from the crazy weekend. Due to watching Matilda so Sam can teach a dance class my Mondays have been a little less productive. She’s a good baby but she likes to be entertained and does not like to be sitting, and she usually takes a nap while here and she doesn’t like to take naps so  she’s a slight mystery at times to me.  I enjoy watching her, but I also enjoy seeing her go home with her mom and big sister. It reminds me how much work a young infant can be and how much I enjoy the ages my girls are at.

Cute Matilda

Today I had Matilda from 10-12:30 and Sam and Britta hang out for an hour or so. (Sorry we take so much of your day Sam.) I then had my visiting teacher over, in which Sam was pulling out when my visiting teacher was pulling up. So I had to clean and tidy my house while I had Matilda, who does not like to watch me do dishes. Since I had cleaned Thursday it was just tidying, sweeping once again, and dishes. Oh, so many dishes from this weekend.
The girls then were very much themselves, fighting and whining about one another while Amber, my visiting teacher, was here. I found it funny that they were so much themselves because they are usually very reserved and try to hide in their bedroom, but since that needed to be cleaned up from what they did with Britta the living room was their only option.

I’m happy to watch Matilda and have visits with Sam. It makes my blah Mondays a little more enjoyable, but adds to the craziness of Mondays at the same time.

I now need to do some sewing.