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I hate feeling pressured.

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

We have an old air conditioner that goes with our old house. About a year and one month after we moved into the house we had air conditioning trouble. I was so worried that we’d have to replace it, and only a month after the home warranty expired.

We had an air repairman out, in fact they had just replaced my in-laws air conditioning, and after paying a lot, but not as much as a new unit would cost, we were wrangled into a semi-annual air conditioning service agreement. For a small monthly fee they come out twice a year to check the AC unit, fill fluids and apparently tell me how desperately we need a new unit and how it’s going to die on us any at time, so we should replace it now. We also get some kind of discount on repairs and service but, since they haven’t needed to repair it in nearly 3 years, we’ve yet to see those savings.

Since we no longer have a home warranty and the AC unit is one of those big expenses we figure it’s worth having them come and service it twice a year even if it involves dealing with annoying service men.

Some air service men I like. One told me we had a very old and inefficient unite, but if we look around to the other roof tops all our neighbors also have the original units, so even though it’s lasting longer than it should, all our neighbors units are also, so we can continue to use it and it’ll go when it goes and just save for when we have the large expense.

The last service man, who came in September for the heat check-up and this April for the summer check-up, told me how old and inefficient our unit is. It’s fan is caked with gunk and it’s leaking some fluid. I just think, you’re here to service and help it stay running, why are you not even giving me an estimate of how much it would cost to have you de-gunk my fan or fix the leak? Why is it always ‘you’re air conditioning is going to die anytime now, you better replace it now before the summer really sets in.’ (Last April the service man told me it was going to die and it would be more expensive because China was importing all the steel for the Olympics so the price of steel was going up and so was the price of units. )

Anyways, they also suggest how we can save so much money with a new unit, blah, blah, blah. Not that we don’t want to save money, but uh, a new unit is not going to cut our electricity bill in half because we also have a drafty house and a not well insulated attic.

We are thinking of getting a new unit so we can see some of the savings while we’re in the house. We’ll probably be keeping the house to rent later and eventually the AC unit will need to be replaced. But I’ve also had some expensive test denied by our insurance and our dishwasher is leaving stuff on our dishes regularly, and we pre-rinse really well AKA washing the dishes before we wash the dishes. So we might have some expensive tests to pay for, though I’m appealing it, and we might need a new dishwasher and our AC is going to die on us any day, though I’m confident it will last another summer. (knock on wood.) We also just paid a lot for the yearly ‘fix Jon’s car problems.’

We have savings to pay for all these things, but it’s the paying for all these things at the same time that gets to me.

I think my biggest pet peeve of the AC service man is his use of fear to sell me an air conditioning unit and the fact that last summer they predicted it would die, and it didn’t, this winter it was going to die, and it didn’t, so it’s still going to die this summer, and it might, but do I really only buy a new unit because I don’t want to have a house without air in the summertime? Yeah it’s gross, extremely uncomfortable, and I would probably be found at friends houses all day, but it’s not the end of the world. (Ask me again when it happens and how freaked out I was three years ago.)

How do you respond when people use fear or some other negative technique to get you to do things?

I also resist popular things, like Twilight and couponing. Not that I don’t like mindless books or saving money, I just hate that I must read something or I must do this so I can buy over processed foods for nearly nothing and store them in my already small house. (I’m overgeneralizing, I know not all coupons are for the bad foods and Twilight might be enjoyable to me. I just don’t like it when I must do something. In fact, maybe I’ll stop blogging because it’s become so popular, but I was doing it before it was so big. )

How I hate feeling pressured.