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5 things

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Just a quick introduction to my 5 things I’m grateful for. Life has been very busy. So busy that I thought it was Tuesday, but it’s still Monday, so I am right on schedule, though most of you will read this on Tuesday.

Since Lilah turns six this week I’m going to have her as my theme and list five things I love about Lilah.

1. Lilah and her sweet temperance and love towards me. Sometimes it’s overwhelming how much love she showers me with love, but I still appreciate it.
2. The morning cuddles she gives me. She’s willing to miss watching PBS so we can have time together.
3. She’s always a willing helper with carrying things in and bringing me something I might need.
4. Lilah’s vocabulary. She has an extensive vocabulary and usually uses her words correctly and it’s fun to listen to her talk.
5. Lilah’s patience in doing the play. She is so excited about it but it has been rough at times with the sitting around and waiting. I should mention it’s her overall patience that I love, but the play is the thing we’re all having to have the most patience with at this time.

Plus, a favorite moment I’ve had with her lately is seeing her look in the mirror after I apply her stage make-up. She goes and looks in the mirror after I apply each separate thing while I’m getting the next one out, ie. I put on her mascara and she goes and checks it out and gives a satisfied look and a smile while I get the eyeshadow out and then looks at herself after each step till we’re done.

I love you Lilah and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

I’ve be done working in a sweat shop, I mean making costumes, for just a few hours and I already feel lost. I just don’t know what to do with myself. Sure I have a ton of things to do, but uh, I don’t want to. I think I need a list to remind me of all that needs to be done and to possibly ignore at times. Yes, I’ll make a list and you can all be happy that you don’t live in my chaotic home or have my super good at procrastinating skills, though some of you may be able to surpass my list. Remember it’s not a contest about who has more to do, this is all about me of course.

First I need to blog about the following:

Pictures for Part 2 of Cathedral Gorge.
The Shark reef and pictures from the shark reef.
The ladybug release from like April. I think Jon still needs to create a way for me to stream video now that I can’t use google video anymore. Wah.
Pictures of the costumes and maybe my crazy sewing corner in my living room. It’s chaos total chaos I tell you.
May birthday’s.

Things to do around my house:

Finish Spring Cleaning. Wait maybe I should just sweep and mop my floors and clean our gross bathrooms. The girls have taken to washing their feet in the sink and lets just say they leave nice dirty foot prints around the sink and on the toilet lid and on the floor and in my hall way. It’s great.
Wash and put away winter blankets. We were still using them when I started sewing a bazillion weeks ago but I haven’t gotten them stored away for the winter yet.
Clean up my bedroom. This encompasses a lot. Like cleaning the area that was storing the boxes for Jon’s solar oven that he needed to make which were holding the blankets I needed to put away along with clothes that I laid there. The boxes were also hiding our ever mounting shred pile, but he has since made his solar oven and left it even more chaotic after he moved everything I had put on top of his boxes.
Clean sewing corner and figure out where to put the extra fabric. (Anyone want to buy 8 yards of black fabric or 6 yards of white for just $1.50 a yard plus tax.)
Clean every corner of my house.
Clean off top bunk bed so Lilah can sleep there before she turns 7. Hopefully we get it cleaned off before Eden turns 4. (cross your fingers.)
Organize the girl’s clothes. Arg, they have so many clothes.
Organize everything so we can find spots to put the stuff on the top bunk- though I think we might need to buy some outside storage and something for the inside.
Clear off the changing table so we can actually get rid of it, like I wanted to six months ago.

Things I want to do:

Make reusable bags since ours that are made from plastic bottles are all falling apart. We think the hot car weakened them.
Make a robe.
Make an apron for me and Shauntae and something for Carolyn.
Get the girls in swimming lessons since Lilah fell in my SIL’s jacuzzi when no one was watching. Not a very proud parenting moment for me.
Read the books my husband got me for my birthday.
Start home schooling again. Lets just say our Spring Break went a little long and now we don’t get a summer break.
Have a clean house again, but without doing all the work. Any volunteers?

See, now I feel so much better writing it down so I can avoid this post since it’s really all very overwhelming to look at.

I think I’ll watch Oprah and just have pizza for dinner before we go to practice.


Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Or however you say finish in Spanish.

I am finished with the Winkie costumes! It’s a good thing because I said I would be bringing them tonight, but I knew I’d be finished by tonight, so that’s why I said it!

I am so happy to be done with the 15 costumes! I had some frustrations and things took longer than planned, but they are done.

My mother-in-law asked me if I would do it again and I said yes, not because I like the hours of sewing and the neglecting of my house, or the stress of making sure things met the director’s approval, but because I want the play to look nice and costumes are a part of that.

Not all the costumes are being made under one person. In fact one thing I’ve learned is costumes can come out very different if two people are making them. People just interpret things differently.

Now I can relax and put the final touches on my Ozian Costume to help it look nice on stage.

I now need to take a shower and feed my children lunch.

Remember to go to the website to buy tickets, or you can purchase them that night with cash or check. Also kids who will sit on a lap are free!

5 Things

Monday, June 8th, 2009

1. A wonderful husband who lets me have me time, even though I’m not home 4 nights a week.
2. I’m grateful to be apart of the play.
3. Scary dreams. Well, I’m not thankful for scary dreams, but I’m thankful that I can comfort my daughter after she has scary dreams, and it’s kinda fun to have her in bed afterwords.
4. Good conversation.
5. Being able to share my sewing talent by making costumes. I’ve put a lot of time into them, but I’m happy to be able to help even if it means my house is a mess and I’ve been super stressed! It’s all worth it in the end. I think it will be anyways.

The reappearing mouse.

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Would you sleep with a grown man if he slept with a stuffed animal?

Well, I do.

Jon has a stuffed mouse from when he was a child. If it wasn’t 12:30 am I might see if I can find a picture of it, but oh well. Anyways Lilah had adopted this mouse for a while. It was the stuffed animal that she slept with at night and carried around the house. Not too long ago she mentioned how Daddy should have his mouse. Now every night she takes the mouse with her to bed, but it always appears on Jon’s pillow before we go to bed, really I should say before he goes to bed because I stay up late. I think its rather sweet that she wants her daddy to have his stuffed animal to sleep with at night. At first Jon just tossed it aside, but I think the kid in him is coming out. I caught him cuddling it last night at one point when I was having two visitors return to their own beds. So I never thought I’d be with a man who sleeps with a stuffed animal, but I guess having children brings out the child in oneself.

Cathedral Gorge- Part 2.

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


After some morning hiking we all decided to hike to the caves not far from camp. Lilah at first stayed with Andrea and Brien, mostly to be with Zarina and Eden stayed back with Jon and I, or we stayed back with her. The gorge was a prehistoric lake that has dried and the caves are within silt hills. Jon had lots of fun squeezing into tight places and it was nice and cool within the caves and passage ways.

Lilah also became very adventurous and was mountain climbing. She saw Uncle Brien climb up high and wanted to climb also. Both Lilah and Eden did  great on climbing but were a little more nervous at coming down the hill side. Jon was a very patient daddy and helped the girls down through their many cries and pleas for help. I know I would have just grabbed them and taken them down, but he helped them slowly yet surely down the side of the hills, very slowly at times.

After lots of exploring Eden and I were getting tired, but Lilah and Jon wanted to hike some more, so we left them for camp and Jon and Lilah went on a much longer hike to a lookout at the top of the silt cliffs. Eden and I ate lunchand hung out with the Parks. Jon and Lilah eventually returned and we all took afternoon hikes.

For dinner we went to a restaurant in Panaca. It was delicious and nice to not cook. While there a storm developed so it was very windy as we sat around the fire Friday night. It looked like it might rain so I opted to sleep in the car. The storm died down for the night and it did not rain, but I’m still happy I choose the car, though I wouldn’t want to do it again anytime soon.

We packed up and went home Saturday morning. I immediately put the girls in a bath while Jon and I unpacked and put away our camping gear. I then took a shower to wash away all the dirt and sand.

It was a fun weekend and we loved camping with Andrea’s family. We hope they decided to go again before Zarina turns 4, we know Zarina can be a grumpy camper, really sleeper, but it’s so much fun during the day to let our girls explore and be together.

Summary of Day One
Pictures from Day One

5 things

Monday, June 1st, 2009

1. Talks with my husband late at night.
2. Children who forgive so easily.
3. Summer barbecue’s.
4. Good friends to talk to, because I can talk a lot.
5. Caller ID. I love being able to screen out annoying phone calls.